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Naming Chickens

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Names listed below.


I gave the 1st 4 food names associated with chicken (Kentucky =KFC!)


My son named the other 4. (Peckadilly =Piccadilly after the station in Manchester where he got lost once!) Changed to Peckadilly as she is the boss and it was more chickeny.

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Our first four were





Margot "Well REALLY Jerry" after the Good Life


the next four were

Mrs Beeton

Fanny Craddock



- all after big bottomed ladies who produce wonderful food.


our four ex batteries were





all four characters were in the Chronicles of Narnia and all four appeared in the final book "The Last Battle"


our two Bantams are Maisie and Eliza, named after our neighbour's two little girls.


Not sure what the next lot will be called................. :wink:

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My girls are named below and are called after sweets.


Spog - the pink or blue sweet found in Alsorts

Spangle - he chews with fizz in the middle

Flump - marshmallow shapes

Mojo - a fruity version of a black jack


Going to rescue 4 more girls and carry on the theme too! :D

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Mine are female cooks


Jennifer (Patterson) of the Two Fat Ladies

Clarrisa (Dickson Wright) - the other Fat Lady

Isabella (Beeton)


We're getting some more in a few weeks when the Eglu Cube is delivered and I'm thinking of continuing the theme with


Nigella (Lawson)

Delia (Smith)

Marguerite (Patten)

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I can't decide on their names yet - Boo suits her name but not sure about chickie (which is a bit lame anyway :oops: )


So, what have you named your's and BRIEFLY why ?


I really like the names Boo & Chickie, and you'll know if they seem right for them.

We had a guinea pig called Boo Boo. I was very :oops: and uncertain at the time (yes, it's what happens when the young children chooose names) but just couldn't change it after a few days, it suited her.


That is how Chuckles was chosen, by the

noise she made, and Penny seemed traditional. Biscuit was adopted, but she is Gingernut biscuit coloured.

The other 3 are character's from the children's book "Ballet Shoes", chosen by me, much to Esther's disgust. She wanted Star this and that, but I named them. :oops::lol:

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I started off with Mavis & Edna (as in Willo the Wisp) but when Edna died I got another 2 and switched to a Corrie theme with Mavis being joined by Rita (the redhead) and Doris (well Noris didn't seem quite right).


My cats have the names of Greek Goddesses - Hebe the Goddess of Youth and Hestia the Goddess of the Hearth and Home (which is very apt! :roll: )

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mine are named after Wagnerian operatic heroines ... well, why not? Actually I let a friend name them, I am not that keen on Wagner, but she suggested the names and they seemed suitably ridiculous! Had to shorten them, though.


Wellington was named because he is huge and handsome and rather ducal, and needed something slightly pompous.

And the other cat is really called Cassie, but it is such an ugly-looking beast that it is always referred to as The Thing. Or sometimes Smeagol.

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Our first 2 were named Babs, although frequently called Babsy Boo and Ginger because she was a ginger nut ranger. Both names are also characters in Chicken Run.


Next came Twinkle, she's an Amber Star so twinkle twinkle litte star and Belle, short for Bellisima because she's beautiful.


Then came Annie and Clarabel....Thomas the Tank Engine's carriages. We thought of the names and said if we ever got anymore chooks they would make great names. So when we rescued some ex batts the names suited them so much and they're the same colour as TT's carriages.


Next came our baby banties and Charlie was in charge of naming them and thought that Mable and Millie seemed like lovely names.

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My first two were named after their colouring really, Maple has slightly darker feathers than Honey, and the names just suited. The other two, we were driving back from the supplier trying to think what to call them, my mum suggested Dandelion because of the white dandelion clock, and what else goes with dandelion but burdock!?

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