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Found one!

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You might notice that my signature has changed - we've taken the plunge and ordered a reconditioned (green) Eglu, without run, from Omlet, together with 3 Gingernut Rangers. They're arriving together on the 2nd May so I need to make sure I've got the run built by then! (For the record, I'm using an old greenhouse that lost its glass in a storm a few years ago to make a moveable run. Only issue is that the chickens are arriving with the Eglu, so making it fit the run neatly might be something of a last-minute dash!)

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That sounds great John :D If you look at Kate's eglu and run on the run inspirations thread, she has the Eglu outside the run and attached firmly to the mesh.


Remember to use welded mesh though as foxes can bite through chicken wire :twisted:


Can we see some piccies when you've done it?


Not that we're nosey or anything :roll::oops:

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Yes, I'd spotted that and it's just what I'm planning to do. What makes it easier is that the Eglu seems to be almost exactly the same width as the panels of the greenhouse. :-) And, fortunately, I've got quite a bit of old (but fairly wide) weldmesh lying around! It won't be the prettiest thing, but it should keep Mr Fox out (and chickens in).



I don't know about names yet. We'll wait and see until we meet them. (Although one will probably be called Lola, thanks to my daughter.)


Thanks everyone - we're looking forward to them arriving!

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WOOO HOOO !!! :dance: John ! You wont regret the eglu, its fab.


You wont be able to contain yourselves until the 2nd of may....I was SO impatient waiting for mine. They are bigger and better in real life.


Yes, and we would like piccies of your new arrivals please cos we love to see them :D

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