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Actually, I must stress that I only advocate sensible drinking; just previewing this post it looks bit over the top! :shock: (I was simply trying to show how much you could get in)! :oops:


I was going to pass a comment but i wont! :silenced::lol:


I got a large bathmat, a table cloth and 6 napkins in mine the other day! :D

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bags are now on the website!


NEW > Jute Bag @ £5.50 (Inc. P&P)

Web address: http://www.thehenshouse.co.uk/merchandise.html


Trolley keyrings are available sold in pairs, not yet on line but will be soon.


£4.50 inc p&p



Contact Darren, tell him you're an Omleteer please!


Battery Hen Welfare Trust


c/o 1st Circuit Group

7 Mapson Court, Hadzor Hall, Droitwich, WR9 7EU, United Kingdom

Tel.: +44 (0)1905 799 888 - Fax: +44 (0)1905 799 088 - E-mail: info@1stCircuit.com



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