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Nicola H

Knitted chicken

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I just had to share this with you all, she has taken me ages to knit and a whole day to make up but I think she is lovely..................




The wool is really soft fine merrino so she is very cuddly....... :lol:


The pattern is by Alan Dart and is in the latest Simply Knitting mag.

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Very 8) so whats her name then?


I am not too sure what to call her, any ideas :?: ........... :lol:


Sheila the chicks are knitted from a wool called Snowflake........It cost me a fortune for the wool because you needed so many different colours but didn't need the full ball I probably have enough wool to knit another one.............. :lol:


Her legs are lovely under her skirt she is wearing bloomers.......... :lol:

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Going straight to the newsagents later & buying a copy of that mag! Great for knitting when I'm away in my caravan!!!!!

I knitted little chicken egg cosies at Easter with loppy tals and red combs. I was planning to put a creme egg in them, but I found they sat on top of a bottle of wine much better! So they went as raffle prizes!


I love anything chickeny!!


Desperately saving up for an eglu cube & desperately want a Bluebell!!!!



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I've got my copy Nicola!


I also love the little cardigan. Going to give that a go too...and the knitting bag is fab. Will look much better than my Sainsbury's carrier :D


So glad you managed to get it Gina I told you the cardigan would look great on Stefan, and i am sure you can knit the chicken it is quite easy once you get going.............. :lol:


Thanks everyone for you kind words i really love her and have named her Henrietta as Sarah suggested, she is sat on my desk and is definitely not for playing with.................. :lol::lol:

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