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Right, off to get ready for tonight! Off out with some friends who are painfully thin and need, yes need, an indian meal!

Oh, the sacrifices you make for the sake of your friends! :roll::wink: You're a good man! 8)


Thanks Linda, I do try! I just like to 'give back' a little every now and then!

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Enough about pants! Back to the Sunday Times - I am looking forward to it. A couple of months ago omlet got a brief mention as one of the top bods at I don't know what company gave them a plug in her Day in the Life thing (not sure what its called but if you read the business pages you'll know what mean) in that she has an eglu and likes to spend weekends with her chickens (and her family).


Actually omlet also got a spot in an Easter article in our local paper (and there was pic of a pink rablu). Do you think the guys would like a copy (not sure if they always know when their marketing pays off with mentions).

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The Sunday Times had sold out by 11am in most of our local newsagents. I drove around 5 before I could get a copy!!! Then before I got a chance to read it, my daughter spilt smoothie all over it!!! I should have just read the online version. :evil::roll::roll::roll:

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