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job interview on monday - any tips?

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Yikes :shock:


Just found out today I have a job interview on monday!


I've currently been working for my current employer (airline) for 9 years and this is a big step for me, im SO anxious about taking the plunge/the interview etc because after working somewhere for so long you get set in your ways! :?


The job is at a local hospital to work in secretarial/admin - booking appointments etc.


If anyone works in a hospital enviroment and has any tips on how I can "wow" the interview panel it would be great :)


Any tips from anyone else would be great too :)

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I am probably not the best person to give advice as my last interview was about 17 years ago (I did get the job,though!)


I would say be calm, speak clearly, appear unflappable & most of all BE YOURSELF :P


If they don't hire you for you, then maybe its not the job for you anyway?


I am sure you will do really well, & they will be falling over themselves to offer you the job :P

Good luck!

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Be honest :wink:


Don't pretend to know about something you don't as you can always see through it :lol:


If you can research the place do it because one of the first things you will probably get asked is if you know anything about them :? Whilst it is okay to say no and let them tewll you it always looks good to show you have bothered to try and find out for yourself 8)


It is a medical post so they will possibly ask you about how you would approach things like patient confidentiality and possibly stoppy people being rude if you don't have a time slot they like :shock:

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Hiya chelsea,


I used to interview as a governor at a local comp. we were always most impressed by those who:


genuinely listened to questions (ie - didn't simply twist the question to give an answer they had prepared)


had taken the trouble to find out a bit about us


could laugh


knew how to say "I don't know" when they didn't - ie didn't talk a load of flannel to cover their ignorance - it can be spotted a mile off and is not an attractive quality!


were not afraid to disagree - the head used to do this on purpose - to see if they would have the balls to stand up to him!! he was a bit of a monkey!! he's say outrageous stuff sometimes - and many interviewees would simply agree!!


but here's a good site - probably worth a trawl - there are articles and a tips message board....




good luck!!



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Thanks guys. :clap:


I knew I could rely on you. :)


Going to research the hospital, and I do plan to be "myself", im going to TRY and not be nervous and just be warm and approachable like I usually am. :lol:


Hope there's a chelsea fan on the panel.... :think: or a chicken fan :think:


Thanks for the link Phil, will check it out.

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Think of a few questions to ask - they usually end with "is there anything you'd like to ask us?". If I can't think of anything, I open my filofax, give it a quick look and say "I did, but we appear to have covered everything" :lol: I agree with research the place first. Find out which speciality you would be working for. If there will be patient contact, worthwhile finding out what kind of problems they will have as that could influence how you deal with them, ie mobility, terminal care, childrens, psychiatric etc, even if it's only over the phone. Do you have a knowledge of medical terminology? Will you need it and can they provide training if you don't. Importance of confidentiality and accuracy of records and filing (although probably the same in any secretarial job).

Sorry, rattling on a bit now :roll: Hope some of it helps though!

All the best for tomorrow Chelsea! :D

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Clean shoes....says a lot about a person. I'm already certain that yours are pristine.




Good Luck!!


hee hee.




I actually have a brand new pair sat waiting in a box to wear (bought them especially for an interview in the hope I'd get one ) :wink:

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When you are waiting for the interview keep your right palm flat against your knee/thigh. It helps stop too much sweat for a clammy handshake!


Also, look 'em all in the eye, not past the ears (as I have seen many people do recently...)


Good luck. You'll be cool. 8)

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Interview went well.


DIDNT GET IT THOUGH. :cry::cry::cry:


They have just rang to say I was unsucessful, the only reason I didnt get the job was because they gave it to someone with NHS experience and that I interviewed very well.


At least they had the decency to let me know the same day though.


Gutted now, cos I really wanted it


Thanks for your support folks, it means a lot :)

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Sorry you didn't get the job Chelsea


Now you've done that interview the rest will seem less daunting


Best of luck with your search, that dream job is out there waiting for you. I am a great believer in fate :D

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