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The Dogmother

Latest pix of the bantam babes

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Here are some piccies I took on Saturday; they were all looking so lovely in the sun.





Ruby Tuesday; now that's what I call fluffy knickers!:



Little Lucille:






Lavinia, Ruby and Betty:



Little Fleur, very dirty from dust-bathing:



Dolly reaching through the netting for some corn:


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Thanks Guys! I love them to bits too, although sometimes Betty is so cheeky - she flirts with Phil outrageously - jumping up onto his shoulder, rubbing herself against his neck and warbling sweet nothings in his ear! :roll:


They're not all in the photos, but Ruby is a silver laced wyandotte mini (sometimes called bantam)

Lucille is a Dutch Bantam, lemon porcelain colouring which is quite rare

Lavinia is a lavender pekin bantam

Betty (just seen in the 5th photo) is the barnevelder bantam that we hatched from one of the eggs that Lesley lent us last year.

Fleur is a Japanese bantam (shotest legs of any bantam)

And Dolly (Martin's favourite) is a Polish/Araucana cross. She's not really a bantam, but a small hen who lays beautiful turquoise eggs.

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