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Avatars with Crocs

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I spent a happy afternoon making mine up yesterday :P

I really like it - one complaint is that they should have different boday shapes & sizes so it can be more like me (that is,much fatter :lol: )


Oh, & they should have a farmyard scene or at least a pet hen.

I might change it soon so she is lolling on a sunlounger by the sea,in anticipation of mu hols which are very soon.


Good fun all round 8)

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I noticed that feature on photobucket the other evening, but I was faffing around trying to load up photos and didn't investigate it. But the avatars look great :D:D

I love yours Fee, that's what I'd like to be doing, lazing on a sunlounger, crocs and all :D:D

Hubby's home today, and already nagging me for being on here instead of doing housework :evil::evil: , how dare he take a day of on a Friday, my no going to work, so playing on the forum all day (in between quick loads and unloads of the washing machine/ dishwasher etc- just to make it look like I've been busy all day :oops::oops: ), so I daren't play with avatars right now, but I'll find time soon enough I'm sure :wink::roll::roll:

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