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Race For Life

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Off to Inverness in an hour with 2 friends to take part in this years Race For Life :D


I've got a stinking cold and a sore chest so will be walking :roll: Dosed myself with paracetamol (hope its not a banned substance :lol: )


If anyone is in the area :lol: I am number 1793, wearing blue combats and a Race for Life Tshirt ( 2 more layers underneath as it is freezing cold and raining :twisted: ) I will probably be coughing like billyoh and have tissues wedged up my nose :lol:


Good Luck and have fun to anyone else taking part this year :D

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Im taking part in Darlingtons Race for life on 10th June. :D

I've persuaded about 10 girls from school and 5 other teachers to join me. 8)

we've been training after school and everything ( :lol: )


Good Luck to everyone running, jogging, walking this year!!


(i'm also running in the Great North Run too - but thats not until October time - I must be crazy :wink: )

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Our race is on 14th June, the day after the Dorset gathering. Rosie and I do it together now, and raised nearly £350 last year... so if anyone wants to sponsor us........ just PM me.


I started 5 years ago and used to run it, my best time was 27 mins for 5km. But now we do it together, so there's less running going on!


Here's a picture of us just before the race last year:




The shorts are a dare by a friend - he will sponsor me £25, but only if I wear the shorts!!

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I also have done it every year since 2000, in about 35 mins. Usually at Sutton Park in Birmingham.

This year it's the same day as the Omlet gathering but I'm hoping to come straight afterwards - anyone bringing a portable shower - ha ha! so forgive me if I don't look my best!

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Can you believe it....Jane Tomlinson has been getting hate mail and abusive phonecalls accusing her of being a fraud.


This amazing woman has raised thousands of pounds for cancer research and is terminally ill with breast cancer.


Do the contemptible morons who are doing this to her not think that she would have been exposed as a fraud before now if what they say is true. She has been interviewed on telly with the doctors who are looking after her often enough on Look North....I think they might have mentioned it if she were lying.


There are some real low life's out there for whom there is no charitable explanation or excuse....they are the dregs....I was going to say of humanity....but there is no humanity in them.


What a world we live in.

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