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Martin B

Battery Hen Rescue

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As some of you know, I was involved with a Battery Hen Rescue in Worcester today. It's been a glorious day, I met the regulars ( :wink: ) at the Stratford Farmers Market and then was whizzed over to Worcester to help out at John and Monica Hall's cottage.

240 hens were rescued today, and as far as battery hens go they were in pretty good condition. There was one that had a tumour so that is now in the henspital.

One person who owns a garden centre had 100 of the hens, so we were down to almost half of the rescued number straight away, this bloke was very ala Jimmy, and is housing his 100 hens with his current 10 in a caravan! :roll::lol:



The majority of people arrived between 12 and 2 as they were told to do so.

Here are some very happy customers.




The hens laid so many eggs, in the several hours that they were there we had in excess of 50 eggs! I have taken a few home to compare them with my load.

Here are the eggs laid between 10 and 11 am.


I bet you want to see some hens now....


The ones above are about 100 of those rescued today, the ones below are fully rehabillitated ex batts.


Here are some of the chickens on the trailer.



That's me and one of the more oven ready folk! :D



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Well done to you too Martin


Have you taken any of the rescue hens home with you?


I bet there's not that many lads of your age who spent the day like you did


You should be very proud of yourself


We'll see you tomorrow as well and congratulate you in person

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I have kept poultry for last 10 years in my back garden and am down to 2 as the fox got in. Our pen is now fox proof but hens are let out in garden under supervision!

Are you rescuing any more battery hens this summer? If so I would like 3.


It would be convenient to pick them up in Worcs rather than travel to Gordano Services.


If you can't help me perhaps you have some useful local contacts who could supply me.


Thank you, Jenny

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