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Sweet Peas

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The best rule of thumb is to pinch out when there are about three 'knuckles' (joints where the leaves grow)


however, if you've missed this then you can do it at any point :D


The reason for pinching out is to encourage the plant to make two new stems (the leaf nodules will change themselves into stems) thus making the plant bushier and so you get more flowers.

I never remember at the right time :roll: so I just do it when I notice the plants getting leggy :D

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if they've been on a windowsill they will need to hardened off first, and it may be best to wait untill this coldsnap has passed.

Pinch them out now though.


sorry :oops: that sounds really bossy, I mean....if I were you I'd pinch them out and wait :D

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Oh bought me some tiny plants from B & Q back in February and we planted them out straight away because they had been kept outdoors and they are growing slowly but surely. It said 12 plants on the label but in each hole there were 5 - 6 plants so I have loads - they are spencer mixed


I usually plant them too late and thanks for the tip about the tips :lol:

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