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Lauren was kept in and my daughter and SIL stayed until she was sleepy. She didn't want her Mummy to stay overnight :roll: - she said she isn't a baby :roll: Typical Lauren. My daughter wanted to stay at the hospital but was surplus to requirements and at the same time Jake was upset because he wanted his Mummy at home :roll:


Daughter came home at 10.15 but was called back to the hospital at 10.45 as they wanted to do some blood tests - for elimination purposes. They had said that they wouldn't be doing anything until morning but Lauren's temperature wouldn't go down, and the painkillers weren't managing the pain.


They are considering some sort of blackout which is causing the falls initially :(

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What a worry for you and your family, Lesley. I do hope they manage to find out what's causing this soon, so put everyones minds at ease.

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Thanks Nicola


I've just heard from SIL - they managed to put Lauren's knee-cap back into position at around 1am - after saying that there wasn't a problem with it :? Carl called in on his way home to see them and had come home and said it didn't look right :roll:


My first knee injury when i was 15, was a dislocated knee-cap :? - followed by dislocation of the knee joint 4 years ago.


I'm off now to spend the day at the hospital - at least that way I'll know my daughter has eaten :roll:


If I'm not back you'll know i couldn't afford to get out of the Car Park :?

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Sorry - i was just so tired last night........ I spent all day waiting and worrying :roll: - and listening to 4 or 5 TV's blaring out....... The new intake were all ENT patients and deaf as posts :? Brum in one ear, Scooby Doo in another.... morning TV from the one with an aerial, Ifor the Engine..... I thought I was going mad by lunchtime :roll: We couldn't go anywhere as we were waiting.........


I arrived at 10.00 and the paediatrician had asked the othopaedics team to come back. They had said that the knee was OK - but she couldn't bear any weight.


They came around midday - it was the consultant I had and I'm not very happy with the treatment I received (or not :evil: ) I'm not sure if he recognised me or not, and it wasn't the time to ask really.


We waited for him, we waited for more X Ray, we waited some more :roll: Lauren in pain is a really vile child :? She and Vikki had had no sleep the night before as the doctors were still taking bloods up til 1am and then there were babies crying all night so they were both really tired.


The X rays had to be sent up to Theatre for the consultant to look at - we got the answer just before 5pm. The knee cap had dislocated - after saying it hadn't - and she had to have a knee splint and crutches. We weren't happy about crutches as she's only just had her shoulder put back in.


By then there was no-one in physio :? We could wait for the on-call physio but that would take some time. Lauren's nurse checked with the doctor who had brought the diagnosis, about the type of splint and the use of crutches and there wasn't really any other option :?


Then we waited for crutches :roll:


Eventually, we squidged Lauren into my Mini with her leg straight, and got home at 7.30.


She needs to return on Wednesday for a full assessment, when any swelling has gone down.......

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Poor Lauren & family.

Thanks for keeping us posted, Lesley, I really don't know what to say, apart from I hope everything gets sorted VERY SOON.

I am glad that she is home, but what an awful day you had yesterday... Ivor The Engine shoodacuffing in your brain.....

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Sorry to hear about your long wait. Hope you have a better experience next week.


Hope they gave Lauren some pain relief and that she hasn't be put off hospital after yesterday.


Take care all of you.


Susan :)


I too can visualise Ivor at this moment :)

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As well as the appt. on Wednesday, Lauren has an appt. with her GP on Friday to have blood tests. My daughter was worried that Lauren's problems weren't being treated as a whole, nor were any family links being taken into account, and expressed her concerns to the GP. Hopefully, we should make some progress this week.


Lauren went to school yesterday - Carl took her in the car as we are worried about her using crutches so soon after having her shoulder put right. She won't go today as they have swimming all morning, and she won't be there on Wednesday either. My daughter asked for some work for Lauren to do at home and at the end of the day was given about 2 hours woth of worksheets :? Carl went to pick her up and she was left to her own devices and had no help at all - Carl had to go into the classroom and help her with her bag :? We're not impressed with the attitude of the school so far - Lauren's teacher snapped at her on Thursday when she was collapsed on the floor - she implied that she thought Lauren was putting it on :?

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That's awful that the school are showing such a bad attitude towards Lauren - surely it's in their best interests to look after her while she is there, to keep her safe, and to ensure she has adequate work to keep her going when she is unable to attend. I think her parents need to be having a quiet chat with the school, to ensure an improvement in their attitude. i could be wrong, but I've never seen a child who can 'put on' the kind of injuries Lauren has had.


I do hope that this weeks appointments point to a cause, and that things can start to improve for poor Lauren.

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To be fair Egluntine, they did phone her Mum - I wasn't contactable as I was out having physio myself - after hurting my knee 4 years ago when I slipped on ice in the same school playground :lol::lol::lol:


She has been seeing a shoulder specialist - I don't know if he deals with much else, because she saw someone else for her thumb.


Lesley it must be such a worry. I'd be inclined to ask to see someone who can look at lauren as a whole rather than just the single areas of concern. Also I wonder if there is a chiropractor, bowen technique practitioner etc that could help?





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