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Lauren will love it when shes into boys and they gradually start overtasking her

:shock::shock::shock: I think there may be a letter too many in that penultimate word! But it made me laugh, not sure it'll amuse you though Lesley!

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An update......


Lauren's leg is now out of plaster and we just have to wait for her paediatrics appointment in September. She is having physio for both her shoulder and her knee.


She had an interesting encounter at the weekend - with the optician. She went along for a check up and the optician says she needs glasses but she won't prescribe for her just yet as none of the lenses she used made a difference to her sight. She wants to wait a few weeks until the school holidays so that Lauren's eyes are a bit more rested and try again. She said it was probably to do with Lauren undergoing a growth spurt! It all seems to point to growing very quickly!

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Isn't it funny how just growing can make such a difference to them?

I am sure Cleos current health problems are partly down to her recent growth spurt.She has literally grown about 3 inches in as many months :shock:


Glasses are very cool for children these days.Devon had them for years, but is now on contacts.

I still think she looks cute in her specs when she has her weekly day off from contacts :P


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I've only just caught up with this thread too, poor Lauren.


I'm hypermobile and do suffer from quite a lot of monthly pain with it though i thankfully never dislocated anything. I used to go over on my ankles a lot as a child but now its pretty much confined to hip pain for which i use crutches when i know it is going to be bad.


It sounds like Lauren is getting sorted out now, keep nagging the doctors until you get a diagnosis. I didn't find out what caused my hip pain until last year, i'd been getting the pain since i was 18 ( now 32)


Hope she feels better soon

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Guess where Lauren spent all last evening? :( ................


She went swimming yesterday afternoon - the first time she's been allowed to go. She was so happy when we were with them at the village fete.....


She went to get out of the pool to go and get changed and her shoulder came out, she fell on the edge of the pool and broke her elbow :(


She was in so much pain, more than she has been with the other injuries. It should be in plaster but they are unable to get it in the right position and she has to go back on Monday. She was rushed straight through A&E and saw three doctors including the consultant she sees for her knee, one of the nurses asked the doctor to leave her as they poked and prodded so much.


She was going on the Brownies trip today. It is just so frustrating - she even went on the trampoline very carefully on Thurday evening and she was so happy to be doing the things she wants to do. She's been riding her bike in the cul-de-sac where they live, although that was a bit uncomfortable. I did say to my daughter when she came back from physio on Thursday and said that Lauren had been told that she could now do whatever she wanted to do, that they may be testing to see what happens :?


I know thare are worse things that could happen - but we're so fed up and frustrated :(


Sorry for the big whinge :(

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Lesley, I am so sorry to hear this. I really feel for poor Lauren, especially as this will take up most of the school holiday. I hope everything goes well for her tomorrow.

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