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Have I just been extremely unlucky, or do the delivery company that Omlet insist on using leave something to be desired ? ! :think:


I ordered an extention for the cube, 25m of netting and a sack of food on the 8th. I was told that delivery would be the 14th.


On the 13th (a day early... good job I was in) the extention was delivered but MINUS any run clips. 2x food sacks were also delivered (I only ordered one) but NO netting. The box that the run was in was almost destroyed and they boxes that the food sacks were in were equally in a right mess. The van/driver looked like a "man with a van" outfit, so I'm guessing the delivery company just sub-contract it out...


I immediately called Omlet. They checked with the delivery company and my netting appeared to be lost, so they said the'd send the netting and clips again ASAP and I would have them the following day (14th).


I waited in again all day on the 14th but nothing arrived. I called Omlet again at the end of they day and was told that clips and netting hadn't even been dispatched ! :doh::evil:


They promised to dispatch them straight away and they would be with me hopefully on Sat 16th or at the very latest Monday 18th (today).


Well, I've waited in again all day today and still nothing.... so I called Omlet again... The delivery company have no idea where they are !... they might be at the back of a van somewhere or they might be totally lost again !!! :wall:


I've just totally lost my rag and given the poor girls at Omlet both barrels down the phone... but to my amazement they seemed somewhat suprised I was so annoyed !


Come on Omlet, three chances to deliver an extention and some netting... and you've badly messed up on all three occasions... how could you think I'd be anything but seriously annoyed ? :evil:


The cube is a great product and the website/forums/communtiy are superb, but at the moment for me at least, the customer service and especially the delivery arrangements leave a huge amount to be desired... or am I just unlucky ?


Oh, and I'm still none the wiser as to when I'm getting my run clips and netting... :cry:

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How annoying - I would seriously have blown a fuse by now :evil::evil::evil:

I cannot tolerate incompetence - I think omlet have way too much on their plate just now as we are hearing stories like yours more and more. Sounds like this is both omlet and the courier (Nightfreight??) letting people down.......and they sent me a big bag of clips and a shade even though I don't have a run :shock:

I can send you the clips if you think it'll be any quicker :D

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I had problems with my cube on delivery. Fortunately most of the replacement parts arrived next day but I am still waiting for replacement of my badly damaged in-transit roosting bars, even though the cube is in use.


My cube also turned up a day earlier than advised so I couldn't inspect the packages on arrival.


I think that Omlet have bitten off a little more than they can chew with the introduction of the cube. Maybe they should have gone them manufactured before advertising them heavily. Didn't have any problems like this with the Mk2 eglu delivery in Sep05......just my opinion.

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I'm still waiting for clips - and a "surprise" promised by Jan. They should have been here last Wednesday, then I phoned on Thursday and they said they would post some which I should have by Saturday. Its a shame because BC (before Cube) their customer service was one of the best I've had the pleasure of dealing with.


I ended up building my extension run with those electrical cable straps as a temp measure. :(

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I know how you feel- My Eglu arrived 4 days late, with no glug and grub, the wrong food, a incorrect run panel - and all in a battered box and the run panel still hasn't been replaced yet :wall: And although there was no run panel they gave us another 50 clips.. My mum has talked to Johannes a lot in the last few days- I just want it to all get sorted so we can leave omlet in peace for a bit.. I've decided I don't like omlets couriers... :evil:

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that is terrible service - and I've just read the other post on here about someone being overcharged for delivery.

In their defence, I would say that everything I've ordered from Omlet so far has been sent really, really quickly and efficiently - but I haven't had an order since Cube launch.


Reputation takes a long time to build up, and can be destroyed overnight, I do hope that someone from Omlet is reading this and taking immediate action to sort the problems out. I think most of us feel a lot of loyalty to them, but since the Cube came out there seem to have been some problems :roll: - it would make me nervous about ordering again!

Hope they sort it out for you soon.

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Although my delivery was a bit mucked up, the guys at omlet have been nothing but helpful, and have sent stuff out exactly when they said they would. I think maybe the couriers they use are a bit slapdash sometimes. My courier was very friendly and helpful (dropping boxes over fences so I didn't have to wait in) but it did take four deliveries for me to get everything. But the lovely boys at Omlet did send me some fun free things, so I forgave them pretty quickly!

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Well... Omlet called me this morning to tell me that the delivery company has "found" my goods and to expect a delivery this morning. :shock:


Sure enough, around midday the delivery appeared.... but...


According to the delivery company, I should have received two boxes, but only one was delivered. :cry:


The driver said "sorry mate, dunno where the other box is" !!!


I explained politely that it should have been here Saturday and then yesterday, but his response was "I don't work Saturdays"... His attitude sucked and he just didn't care less.


Anyway... I opened the ONE box that was delivered and there was my netting, clips and shade... everything that was outstanding ! :D


So, what on earth was in the magical disappearing box number two ? :?


I guess we'll never know, although the packing list showed the items I received PLUS "Gift"... but there was no gift !


So perhaps the Olmet folks sent me a gift by way of a "sorry we messed up", but the parcel containing the gift was also "messed up" ?... Kinda ironic !!! :roll:


Anyway, I now have my goods, but the experience has left a bitter taste and certainly doesn't make we want to order anything else from Omlet in a hurry !

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I am so sorry to hear that so many people have been having a problem with deliveries. I ordered a cube 5 weeks ago and it turned up this morning as arranged. This is probably because I ordered chickens as well so Omlet delivered it and built it. I think they are efficient as they have never let me down but maybe they need to review their delivery company. It would be a shame for Omlet's good reputation to be tarnished by the poor service the delivery company give.

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just to add to this thread.


I ordered another eglu 9.30 on monday morning and paid extra for "next day delivery"


omlet said they could arrange for it to come today (wednesday).


low and behold....4.30 comes and no sign of an eglu :roll: ring omlet who aplogise profusely and offer to refund my express delivery charge. they ring nightfreight and its not coming today :evil::evil:


have a 93% chance of it coming tomorrow apparently.


Hubby took tomorrow off of work to set up my new permanent run for my 2nd eglu.


If it doesnt come tomorrow - will not be amused :evil:


Not omlet's fault I know - but the courier is USELESS !! :roll:

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