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Mystery Shopper

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Today I did a mystery shop for Lush, which is one of my very most favourite shops in the world :P

I really enjoyed doing it,came home with some new goodies & will get some gift vouchers for my troubles 8)

Has anyone else ever done a mystery shop?

And no, before anyone asks I didn't wear a false beard,big hat & sunglasses :lol:

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Fab.....How did you get chosen to be a mystery shopper?


I'd love to do that!


Funny story about Lush coming up.


You know how they sell Skinny Dip in flatish plastic boxes.....well.....I bought some recently and absent mindedly left it it on the kitchen table.


Him Indoors came in, pottered around in the kitchen and then shouted up the stairs "I don't reckon much to that new cheese you bought.....it tastes of soap!" :roll::lol:

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So what did you wear then?!?! :lol:

Crocs,of course :lol:


Nice story Egluntine :lol:


I got to do this via the Lush forum (Yes, there are other forums you know!)

I don't post there much but go there to keep an eye out for new products & offers, & this came up :P


I would love to do more mystery shopping - its right up my street 8)

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That made me laugh Egluntine.. what's Skinny Dip then?


The box says " a soft creamy cake of vegetable soap mixed with vertivert, cocoa butter, coconut cream and aloe"


Smells absolutely heavenly. I love it.


I imagine it would taste of soap though! :lol:

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Great story Egluntine :wink:


Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :lol::lol::lol:



Not more i cant take the wheee heee hee ness of it all :boohoo:


Clear off back to the football threads then :wink::lol:


Clare - you're always near to Lush on Farmers' Market days in Stratford :lol:


Sarah - my daughter and SIL are mystery shoppers - they sometimes check out restaurant chains.

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Have never been a mystery shopper but i am a lush addict! Butterballs and and the pink marshmallow bath floats... Mmmmmm


I buy way too much....Even OH quite likes their mens range of shaving creams - though refuses to share a bath if i put in a particuarly girlie (read glittery!) bath bomb! :wink:


I love Lush... Must go and browse forum - do they need any more mystery shoppers Sarah?

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They have a list Helen & call people up when they need them - you can register via the forum.


The Lush in Reading is situated right by the door of the main shopping centre,so I have to brace myself to try & walk past it every time.

Its the smell that gets you first,right at the top of the escalators....you can almost see peoples noses twitching. :lol:


I don't think I have ever made it past the shop without popping in, & once I am in there, well thats just fatal :roll:


The new Champagne bath bomb is to die for, & if anyone has curls like me theres a great new shampoo called Curly Wurly with coconut in it :P

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I have a confession................


I have never yet been inside a Lush shop :oops::oops::oops:


(maybe I'll have a go next weekend) :lol:


Laura! Theres one in Crawley! You should go! I have to travel half an hour to get to my nearest Lush (Carwley or Brighton!) You've got it on your doorstep - lucky girl! :D


The smell is overpowering but the individual things smell so nice!

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My favourite Lush goodies are Dream Cream, I love all the Karma fragranced stuff ( the perfume is gorgeous ), I like rock star soap and I adore the bubble bars ( I buy the blue & white one that looks like swiss roll ) - is it blue skies or something...it smells of Patchouli!

The shower jelly is good fun too - but I don't like those shower ice cube bags that you feeze. Far too shocking first thing in the morning.


The curly wurly shampoo bar sounds scrummy. Only got wavy hair - but I love coconut smelly things. mmmm


Mystery shopper eh? Ooo I'd love that.


I remember when me & my sister were little, my mum had a fridge full of white wrapper mini milky ways labelled A, B, C, D & E. Us children had to eat them then tell our mum all about the texture, taste etc.

We had strawberry milky ways, banana milky ways etc. Free chocolate.

God knowa how she got involved in that??? But our mum was popular with the other children in the street due to her milky way store!



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