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Goosey Lucy

Easter Crafty Swap 2012: Vote on page 12

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Sorry to my Easter Bunny, I forgot until now to try to do the photo thing.


Firstly my lovely chicken in my favourite shade of purple/lilac - I love it very quirky and very me :Dphoto-1.jpg


Secondly, a lovely handmade card - this is something I really need to learn to do.



I feel so untalented compared to so many on this forum.... the skill-level from all the photos is remarkably HIGH!!


Thank you so much Lucy for organising. :D:clap::clap: Thank you Easter Bunny for your time and effort :D:clap::clap:

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:dance: Thank you to my secret Easter bunny :D


I received a beautiful knitted flower in a pot and three lovely chickens with yummy chcocolate eggs inside. The minute I opened them my children bagged one each! Might have to reclaim them next Easter . . . :roll:


I have taken a photo but I've had guests staying, then we went away for a few days and today I'm off to Durham 1hr drive, then to Ayr 3.5hrs and 2.5 hrs back home :? May be a bit tired to download. then upload and post!!!! I have a clear day tomorrow so hang on in there and watch this space :D

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Easter Bunny, I am so sorry I haven't been on here all week.................internet issues, broodies and mum's taxi amongst other things have been calling for my attention :roll:


This is my utterly gorgeous and much admired gifty................






Thank you soooooo much SEB, it must have taken you ages, and I feel very honoured to have been the bod to receive it :D


More thanks of course to Lucy for her hard work organising the swap :clap::clap::clap:


I'll go back & admire the various gifties once my next taxi shift has finished :?

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