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Goosey Lucy

Easter Crafty Swap 2012: Vote on page 12

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:oops: Apologies if you receive a pm from me asking if you've received your gift and you've already posted that you have, I'm just trying to make sure everyone has something to open :D


Thank you to everyone who has voted so far, the most popular option currently is to open your gift as soon as you want, but if people would like to leave theirs until Sunday then I'm sure no-one would mind. The vote finishes on Wednesday so if you haven't voted yet and would like to then you can vote here.


You've raised some interesting thoughts about being able to personally thank your swapper, as the swap was set up to be a secret swap I think it's unfair to change that now, I'm sure that once you've thanked your swapper publicly and posted a picture of your gift, your swapper will be happy that you like their gift. If you would like to contact your swapper you can pm me and I can pass on your personal message. Similarly, if you wish to know how your gift was made then I can contact your swapper on your behalf :D

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Ok, the vote results are in:


Open as soon as possible: 52%


Open on Good Friday: 19%


Open On Easter Sunday: 29%


So democracy says that if you want to open your present now, and your name isn't Plum (because she's already opened hers :shock: ), you can go ahead :lol:


Plum is right, I'm away over Easter but may be able to log in occasionally to see what everyone has received.


I'm off now to open my present...


Pictures to follow :D


Thank you everyone for taking part :clap:

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Those gifts are wonderful! Well done Omleteers :clap:


I have opened my gift today and I am in shock.


I have received two beautifully stitched pieces of art work.












Plus more little chicks than a girl could ever want.


Thank you so very, very much


Lucy x

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