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Mat, sounds great! Where will you be working, hopefully it'll be sunnier there than it is today! Let us know how you get on, how many chooks they've got and you never know you might be able to pick up some handy chook-keeping hints to pass on to us all. :lol:


Mrs BErtie

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work experience is great :lol: . they have got baby rabbits, chicks, goats, ponies, sheep and pigs, which i get to feed and look after. they have lots of chickens which get extra attention :D . it is very hard work thgough as there is a lot of cleaning out, on my first day we moved over a tonne of sheep poo :shock: , it was exhausting. but most of the cleaning is done for this week so i just get to feed and stroke the animals :D . i will keep you updated on my second week on the farm, when i start.

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