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Brittany in the rain

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Well am now back from the longest, wettest summer holiday ever!

(to be fair, I was warned on here that Brittany might be wet - why was I not convinced?) :roll:


We arrived in pouring rain, so moved into a vacant mobile home until it was dry enough to pitch the tent. Four days later we pitched the tent. Spent four nights huddled in a leaking tent threatening to blow away at any minute, then gave up and moved into a vacant gite. Warm and dry at last - log fires and plenty of reading for the remainder of the holiday. 8)


But the place itself was fabulous - a farm near Rostrennon, central Brittany. We dined on free range pork and chicken; home made sausages :drool: and brawn (OH :vom: ). We also had freshly dug new potatoes from their garden.


We helped with the chickens - there were a couple of broodies on eggs, one lot hatched while we were there. Chickens were completely free range, living in an orchard.



There was a swimming pool - we did try it out once, but the solar heating was not quite up to the job. Quite exhilarating swimming in the rain though. :roll::lol:


We milked the goats; fed the pigs; listened to the sheep every night outside the tent (when we were in it :roll: ) Our tent is on the left, the other tent was waterproof, they managed a full week in theirs!



I drove the tractor!! :dance::dance:



The farmhouse gite we ended up in:



There was a late lamb and a couple of calves born while we were there. There were also ponies to ride if the weather ever cleared up enough!


The owners couldn't do enough to help us out and the farmer was like the Pied Piper, with a gaggle of children following him around all day 'helping' with the animals - he had endless patience with them. It's a fabulous place, highly recommended, even in the rain!!

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I loved reading about your holiday Snowy it sounded fab, even thougha little rainy, you seemed to enjoy it despite getting a little bit wet


It sounds a good place to get away from it all (not the rain though) and just chill out


The farmer sounds lovely, the Pied Piper of Brittany :wink:


Great pics too, the gite looks lovely :D

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Thanks for the details Snowey, it looks like a wonderful place, though it may be a bit busy if we all go :lol::lol:


Glad you had a good time, we camped in Weymouth for a few days in May half tertm and our tent was only three tent pegs from blowing away one night! The owners of the camp spent all night driving around making sure everyone was okay. :shock:


Fiongers crossed we have better weather in the summer holidays as we are going to the Isle of Wight camping again, no nice gite to hole up in if it rains :roll:

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