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I'm trying to join my local freecycle group. :D With no success. :( They now seem to have changed the web site since I last looked and I have no idea how to join. :oops:


I've tried clicking on join group and it asks me to sign into Yahoo. :shock: What do I do? :?


I know I'm being a bit thick :roll: But I remember someone on here saying they had posted on freecycle. Please help. :D

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I love freecycle -there are a lot of messages sometimes but they don't take long to delete! I also filter the wanted into a special folder and just delete the contents without looking at them, unless I want a laugh!


I've had some amazing stuff off there, in the last couple of weeks an exercise machine (Strider - and got it quicker than another machine I bought on Ebay), compost bin & kitchen caddy, fence posts for my chicken run and a rabbit hutch for my new chicken.


Things I have given away have included a sink, toilet and just yesterday a huge carpet that would have been a so and so to take to the tip!


Keep trying girls its worth it.

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I've registered with my local group several times. Got a username and password no problem, but have never been able to find the message board bit :? When I have gone back to the site later my username is invalid :? So I have given up.


I have got a garage full of stuff that OH has collected which needs a good home.

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Oh you should try again lesley. You must be online often as a moderator so keeping down the emails shouldn't be too bad. Even if you only ever give stuff and don't take anything you will be better off, it'll save you trips ot the tip and keep the stuff out of landfill.


Another cracker I gave away was 14 old 4ft fence panels which were taking up room in my garden. I posted them and said they were a distance from where you can park (1/2 acre garden, you park at left about 1/2 way down then have to walk all round the house and down to the bottom of the garden) and that I wouldn't be able to help carry them. A lady came with her daughter and took the lot in 2 journeys! Imagine the fun I would have had getting them to the tip, in fact as I don't have a roof rack I think I would have had to hire a skip!


For those of you having trouble registering, they are on yahoo groups, you join your local group and then choose how to get notified -I take emails but you can also have the emails in a digest or just read on the yahoo groups site. I recommend emails and using MSN messenger to say when emails are arriving, that way you often get the chance to be first in when an item is posted as many people will give the item to the first person to reply, or the first polite person to reply. Others pick the reply they like best, a name from a hat etc.


Do try it it really is worth it.

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I have just had to re register as the group name has changed since I was last able to log on, and couldn't find it :roll: They had sent out an e-mail but mine got bounced back to them :?


It really is worth registering, as we gave away a lot of unwanted UPVC DG windows from the extension, and they were snapped up :shock:


karen x

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Talking of cheeky requests....Just seen this on email




:shock::shock: People will literally ask for anything......Might start thinking of what I want :)

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Do keep trying - it's great.

I've recently given away:

2 x internal doors (one went to help make someone's raised bed)

Load of cardboard boxes

Assorted kitchen utensils

Lean Mean Grilling Machine

Baby clothes

baby bath


Over the last year I've received:

baby clothes

Silver Cross pram with loads of extras

baby bath

Baby toys

children's books (more than 100 in one go)

reusable nappies

bottle steriliser

radiator / towel warmer


As you can see - some things I use then give away again when finished 8)

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Well, after always having had good experiences with Free Cycle, I have hit my first problem with another Free Cycler :roll:


I listed a brand new school coat for the local school my girls go to & had a fair bit of interest.


One lady said she would pick up that evening, & didn't show.So I emailed her & again she said she would come but didn't.

I emailed her again & once more made an arrangement for her to collect, which she didn't honour.

So, I gave her the weekend & didn't hear in reply to my emails, so I gave it to the next person on my list, who collceted it right away.


So, I have heard from this other person this morning, & I have told her it has now gone. She is NOT happy :?:?:?

Says it is part of the idea of Freecycle to give people a week to pick up.

I have told her that actually the idea is to collect when you say,..........& she has gotton a bit nasty with me now :roll::roll::roll:


Honestly...............SOME PEOPLE !!! :roll::roll::roll:



I would still recommend it to anyone though.

We gave a dishwasher to a lovely couple over the weekend & they were so happy (Brian had fitted a kitchen that came with a dishwasher,so this old one wasn't needed any more) :P

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It is interesting, but this person seems to have done the same thing he is claiming freecycle are doing.....Collecting and using email addresses, now for his own group......It could be he has just fallen out with them and decided he wants his own version??


I just clicked on the Leamington Spa one and it welcomed me by my user name :?

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