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Teeth..X Faxtor

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Did anyone else notice the teeth owned by a girl called Katie from Sheffield.


Without wishing to be unkind, I was flabbergasted to see a set of teeth in that state on a 24year old, or on anyone for that matter, in the UK in 2007!


She had a mouth full of blackened and decayed stumps. :shock:


A pity, as she could sing.

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The old couple were lovely! And how mean of Louis to not put the old chap through saying 'there was no point'!

Teeth - maybe she can't get a dentist? My parents have just moved from Surrey down to Dorset and said that the waiting list for a dentist is over 1,000 people long! It would be easier to have them all taken out than wait for a filling!

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You obviously havent watched Jeremy Kyle Eglutine!! :lol:


When you have a free moment and you wish to waste sometime watching it one morning - take note - they all have BAD teeth on there. :shock:


I couldnt stop looking at the Xfactor woman's teeth either. I agree in this day and age, no-ones teeth should be in that state. Her boyfriend were the same. :shock:

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Was that the 5 months pregnant girl? Yes she could sing, but her teeth like that, just made her look bad! Shocking teeth! :shock:


If she is pregnant, then the Dentist will be free for her. Perhaps she didn't know. So, did she get through? I must have popped to the loo at that point as I saw Kimberley and the lovely pensioners.......

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:) Just to say that I've edited references which may be stereotyping one group of people, that's how prejudices start, and the topic reads just as well without it.


Also, some people end up with rotten teeth because of illness, directly or indirectly. How can we judge someone without knowing their life story which may be so much harder than our own?


NHS dentistry is not easily available to everyone and it's not free apart from exemptions.


We know people who had teeth removed free at the hospital rather than pay to have them treated as they simply could not afford it.

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Good for you kitbag and good luck with it.


I've been pondering about this poor girl ever since I started the thread....and felt a bit guilty in a way as apparently later some words had to be moderated out. I didn't see them.


It occurs to me that someone with teeth like hers maybe didn't have the best nutrition and care as a youngster, and perhaps didn't have someone in her life to take charge or offer support.


There used to be a school dental service which would have addressed matters, and that mouth was the result of years of neglect, not just a few missed brushings.


I'm sure she will be referred now, but I'm not sure what they can do at the stage she's at.


It has been the one topic of conversation at work today. Still I suppose it shifted the focus off other matters.

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They were my words that were moderated! :oops:

But I did think she was was I wrote!

I agreee forums bring out the worse & good in people, but that is what forums are for - all different views & opinions!

I stopped going on a forum who I used to work for, as it became very very biased about all the good things the company did & offered. They did not tell the truth about the real world!



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My teeth aren't perfect as I wasn't over zealous brushing them as a boy!


Can't brush too hard now or they fall out!


I exaggerate a little. I am sure the dentist tries to break mine so he can charge me to repair them! :D


My wisdom teeth didn't break through properly either and are difficult to clean as a result are going bad. Will have to go to hospital to get them out eventually which probably involves removing my jaw or something :roll:


I didn't see the show I think it's a bit rotten to put her in and then take her out. What did she sing 'The Hokey Cokey' :D:D


I don't think nice teeth are important to a singer look at shane McGowan from the Pogues, he did alright and he can't sing to well either! :D



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