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Chilly Oop North

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It's the opposite in Leicester. Warm and muggy here. Stefan has been bombing around in just his nappy. It has been raining overnight, but looks like it's clearing up - for a bit at least.


Hope the socks worked Egluntine!!


Same here Gina, it's very muggy

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Oh Sarah - don't talk about washing. I'm foaming at the mouth. I've just discovered a load of washing still left in the basket in the spare room that was destined for the clothes horse I think, and a load that has been sat in the washing machine for goodness knows how long. :evil:


Still - it is warm enough to get it on the line today.

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Just to rub it in a bit more Clare.....we're off to Mevagissey and St Mawes this weekend for a week! :lol::lol:


:( Could go off some people :roll::wink: My favourite area too.


The temperature here has definitely dropped now - I've got some lovely hand-knitted socks in the pipeline from an equally lovely friend, who is knitting them for me.. can't wait to see them :D

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