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PhD countdown

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I now have 1 week to go to hand in my PhD in as it's my 4 year deadline :shock:

Apologies if I've seemed slightly loopy on the forum recently-as well as visiting frequently :eh::whistle:

I'm here still working..... :boohoo::angel:


Waiting to be able to post I've submitted in the congratulations forum :lol: , but new things crop up every day :wall:

My viva will be before Christmas, depending on the examiners I choose.

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Good luck Chocchick, I hope you manage to submit it all in time :D:D:D .

I have every respect for those who persevere with academic stidies (says one who ducked out of her MSc.......... well happy with a PGdip, and no ambitions for further academic progress :wink::oops::oops:


Keep working, get it done girl, and I'll be lurking in the congratulations thread with a virtual bottle of champers :wink::D:D:D

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Good luck Choccy, what a fantastic achievement. You must be very proud of yourself for sticking with it through thick and thin.


I'm bit like KateA i'm afraid. Started an MA 2 years ago......deferred it as I got married, I thin moved house, then had Stefan.......and I'm far too busy now to even consider taking it up again, with all the reading and submitting I have to do.


Hopefully I'll get the bug later on when Stefan goes to school...hmmmmm..make that university.


Tons of luck for your hand-in and viva.

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I'm printed :D Just trying to jump through administrative hoops so I can have it bound ready to submit about Thursday.

Sat I worked 1-2 hours before 1am, then 3.30-7.30 am :shock:

then worked from 8.30 for a bit, had a doze and spent 19.30-00.00 printing and struggling with files- which of course never work at midnight, but do at 10 in the morning today :roll:

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