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The Dogmother

Your nails

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Ok, so I admit that my nails are terrible - ragged cuticles and very dry hands (eczema) so I was totally ashamed when a perfectly groomed friend sent me a picture of chicken-themed nails (why is it the everyone sends you chicken stuff when you keep them yourself?)


Here are mine :oops: :roll: look away if you're supremely well groomed or a nail technician!


Let's see your nails!

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2 hours ago, soapdragon said:

I much prefer yours, DM. Those chicken ones look terribly impractical!

Too kind - they aren't at all elegant or pretty though. I really must get around to putting cream on regularly, it's just that all the handwriting that I do anyway and being outside in cold weather really does them in.

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Now those nails are cute - with the chickies.  As for your nails, peeps who dare, they look similar to mine.  I've been slathering on the cream but the dry edges and ingrained dirt in the rough areas are annoying.  Nails seem clean though.  Stupid phone won't load pics to the laptop now.  I have had a few hissy fits - blown out of proportion with the lockdown. 

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I love nail varnish in theory and when I can be bothered (very rarely) to take the time I like the way it looks. Trouble is my work and life is not kind to my nails and I’m lazy so it always looks awful very quickly!

 I’m not precious about them - here they are. And accompanied by a photo of them at their best ☺️



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56 minutes ago, mullethunter said:

The flecks are a separate coat. Bottom layer of silver then top coat of clear with glitter flecks. 

Oooo, you're clever :)

4 minutes ago, Valkyrie said:

My thumb is sporting an orangey yellow coating, rust around the edges.  Someone ripped a hangnail as it caught in her jumper.  Leaked all over the greenhouse, gave up, came in, washed it, dabbed it, doused it with iodine.  Well that covered the dirt!:lol:

Lucky it wasn't purple spray! :lol:

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I decided to paint my nails for the first time in absolultey years when I came out of hospital.....just for fun, something to do and because I knew I wouldn't/couldn't do anything manual for a few weeks. Disaster. Totally cackhanded so it looked a real mess, all over the cuticles, thick and gloopy and I hated the shade as it seemed to male my fingers look red! Took it all off again straight away. I will, however, be painting my toenails when I can reach my right foot without aggh! again. I've been slathering on handcream whilst hors de combat and so they are looking quite respectable but, oh my feet! I love L'Occitane foot cream and slosh it on regularly but again, with limited access to my right foot recently, I am desperate to give my feet a good going over. Have promised myself that I will have a proper pedicure when this is all over. My fantasy at the mo is being in a posh salon (so very NOT me!) with someone working on my feet whilst a hairdresser simultaneously sorts out the dead badger on the top of the head look at the other end😆. That's what is keeping me going (well, that and Lindor!)

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