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Where On Earth Can I Get This

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Have you tried the Swedish Glace? - you can get this brand in quite a few places now, probably in Supermarkets as well as whole food shops and Farm Shops.


We actually quite like this even tho we don't have any intolerance to Gluten or Dairy. It's great for us when Joe's dad comes round (a coeliac) and when his brothers partner's here (a vegan).


Yes it's nice but I haven't trading in my G&B Vanilla for it tho............:roll:


Our local Te**o's stock it and it's not that big a store either, shame they can't seem to stock the Grove Fresh Orange Juice :(




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If in the future you discover that young and can I say "gorgeous" Seth has a liking for chocolate, you can also try a company called D&D chocolate.The web address is:D&Dchocolate.com. It's good as it has dairy and gluten free stuff and does actually taste quite nice.


Susan :D


PS Loving the cabbage leaf look :D

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I agree with Lesley - try Swedish Glace - it's much nicer than most regular ice-creams anyway. :P:P We always buy Swedish Glace just because we like it better. (Only exception is our local Hockings Ice-Cream which you can only buy from their vans anyway).


They sell Swedish Glace in Sainsbury's.

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What a cute boy


You may already be aware but be careful not to introduce too much soya into his diet - my friend's child has a serious milk allergy and they overdid it on the soya at first and the poor girl had a very upset tummy (not as serious as what happens when she has contact with milk but probably very unpleasant for her).


And I thnk they have the Swedish Glace ice cream too.

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Hi Laura,

My mum has lots of food intolerences - So has to have soya too & gluten free. She buys a lot of stuff from a company called Juvela & they even send her samples & recipes. She also has Rice dream (milk) and Alpro. I also think Aldi sell soya milk now.

Holland & Barrett are very good & we also have a small independent health shop in Sandbach that are good too. There is a health shop near the station / opposite the castle in Shrewsbury too, that may sell some useful foods etc.

It's very very hard when someone has a food intolerence. Mum is lactose intolerent, can't have gluten, eggs, tomatoes, pork either! It was always hard to cook her something yummy when I lived at home.



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Why are high chairs made with all those nooks & crannies to get weetabix stuck into?


And spaghetti - which dries all stiff - and raspberry seeds which behave as if they've been sprayed on with superglue at high velocity...



I 'invested' in an expensive highchair when Dan was tiny - a super whizzy Mamas and Papas Prima Pappa thingy. It was absolutely rubbish! The cushioned seat split so I complained and they sent me a new one, which also split. And the nooks and crannies! :shock: I had to completely dismantle it every week to keep it even remotely clean! And you couldn't remove the straps for washing so they got really icky too. :evil: Horrible highchair. The dog used to worry it as it could always smell the food that I hadn't been able to clean out of the holes. :roll:


Quickly replaced with a Stokke Trip Trap each - well worth every penny and still in use now they are 3 and 5. 8)

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