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Magic Pollo Poo Fertilizer

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I planted raspberries to be a hedge and this year, I have been giving them Magic Pollo Poo Fertilizer and they are way ahead of any I have seen, hope they have fruit on them and the tomatoes are also doing very well on it.

It all started when I could not purchase tomato plants because of lock down so I started making liquid chicken poo fertilizer and took some to the allotments and at a 2m distance I exchanged it for 4 tomato plants. The only thing now is they want more, I think I have hit on a winner. ( I gather you will all know Pollo is Spanish for chicken) what a clever Peter.






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Chicken poo is the elixir of life to our place Peter; more valuable than the eggs. Since we arrived here everything has got better. We have chickens in the Orchard and chickens free ranging around the house, plus chicken poo compost in the veggie plot. In two years the place has been transformed from barren wasteland to a productive piece of land. I calculated that to maintain productivity we need 15 chickens minimum and the eggs are a bonus. Of course the chickens eat a lot of pests as well, but letting them amongst the vegetables would be a disaster. I forgot to shut the gate once so I know!

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1 hour ago, soapdragon said:

Umm, I don't! Carrot and corriander here, DM!

Comfrey soup is good for the garden though!

I add Comfrey too, and nettles - it really stinks, but makes fantastic fertiliser. I drain the solids out at the end and stick that on the compost heap, all my friends with allotments fight over the Aubiose and poo from the run when I much out!

1 hour ago, Luvachicken said:

Exactly how do you make poop soup please ?

You pop all the poop (no litter, just poop) into a bucket or big tub with a lid and then add water. Keep the lid on as it stinks!

41 minutes ago, Grandmashazzie said:

You can also make banana skin fertiliser / soup .

Banana skins are brilliant for roses Shazzie - dig some in around the roots.

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Hi Luvachicken, I collect the poo out of the coop and scrape the poo from the concrete floor of the run but when I am doing it the chickens try to help me, they are so friendly to me. Then I just let the poo, bits  of straw and wood chips foment for two weeks then strain off and bottle it. BE EVERY CAREFUL NOT TO STAND IN IT AS YOU WILL GROW TWICE THE SIZE. Peter 

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Luvachicken, As I said it can be very strong and you dont realise it until things grow out of control. Example, in December I put the straw & poo from the run round the ground of the raspberries then in march when they started with new shoots I fed them diluted poo 1/2 Lt to 5 Lt of water on two occasions and they have grown way to fast. I wanted my raspberries to be more of a hedge than for the fruit so all is well. My tomato plants are grown in a mixture of last years straw, poo & compost then I feed with 100 ML poo to 5 Lt, water once a week, or longer some times. I am feeding my lawn 1/2 Lt to 5 Lt of water. That is 3 examples but remember I am just experimenting and trying to find the correct balance. Good luck. Peter

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The straw & poo I put in a plastic bag for 5 months then put it round the raspberries and mixed it in the tomato plant pots. The liquid poo is made from fresh poo. I have not looked into the acidic content, all I say is take care it is quite strong but good. Peter

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