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The Dogmother

Naked for Autism

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I wondered what on earth they were on about on the radio when they mentioned it!

I once walked into a nudist area in Austria, purely by accident!!! :shock:

We went swimming in what is known as the Waldbad. It is a lake in the middle of woods in a place called Anif. They have made it like a large open air swimming pool, with decking to sunbathe on and floating wooden islands you can swim to. It is very cold water mind you! Anyway, we had done our swimming and decided to have a walk round the lake and get to the exit a different way than we had come in. We walked down this little path and there infront of us was this bloke totally starkers , stood up reading his newspaper. Good job I had very dark sunglasses on!!! :lol:

Then further round were more men & women totally nude. Some were swimming in the lake starkers! Anyone could have walked into that area including children. It was not separated off in any way. We didn't notice the tiny obscured sign saying FKK. That is a sign meaning nudist area.

We did go there again, but at least we knew what to expect! :roll:

It is the same if you go for a sauna in Germany or Austria. Totally starkers & we are there in our swimming costumes and little towels! We don't half get frowned at! He he



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