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1 month old serama chicks

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My chicks are a month old and at the VERY scruffy stage!

Chick 1 was originally called Angel because of it's HUGE white wings but then decided to become a boy so he's now called Angelo!!

Chick 2 is a silkied serama and I'm hoping will remain a girl - I've called her Bubble





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12 minutes ago, soapdragon said:

Yes, I see what you mean about 'the scruffy stage'! But they are adorable. Will you keep Angelo? 

Thank you!  I'll  only be able to keep Angelo if his crow is VERY tiny! 😜  I'm hoping he will stay all white because I think he will be easier to rehome if he does.

9 minutes ago, mullethunter said:

Angelo does have massive wings!!

He does!! I'll put up a video later that really shows them off!! 

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BEST news EVER!!  I was chatting to the breeder who I got the eggs from, she's recently put some eggs into the incubator and I asked her how they were getting on and she said only two were fertile and that she thought she needed to retire her cockerel because he's getting old.  I immediately asked if she was interested in having Angelo and she jumped at the chance!!  I said she could wait and see how he developed but she said no need she knows that his line make beautiful birds.  It couldn't be a better scenario - she worships her animals and he'll have a lovely life making beautiful babies!!  I paid more for the eggs as they are from showbirds thinking I would have a better chance of finding homes for any boys but this is the best news ever! I'm going to keep him until he crows to see how he develops and then he's off to Wales for a lovely life!! 🤩🤩

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4 hours ago, Luvachicken said:

Such lovely news that he will be welcomed to a new home when he is older and you get the fun part of seeing him grow.

I wish I had done chicks now, but hey ho. I can spend time looking at all the others on here. 

Thank you Luvachicken!  I'm not going to lie it made me ridiculously happy!! :-) 

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