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New Bantams - plus a suprise!

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We popped over to The garden Hen in Windsor this morning & have got 2 new bantams for our depleted bantam pen :P

They are a Barbu D'Uccle (millifleur) called Custard & a Barbu D'Anver (Quail coloured) called crumble - piccys to follow shortly :P


We have also, somehow, & much against my better judgement brought home a gorgeous Polish cockeral, who we have called Indiana :wink:

He is 14 weeks old, & needed to be taken in, he is a very,very handsome chap (& we have the option of returning him if he gets too noisey!)

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We are luckily Rural,Shirl, although I am hoping that as he is a bantam he won't be too loud :roll::lol:


Here they are -


This is Crumble, the Barbu D'Anver ,still looking a bit hunched from her journey.




And here are all 3, Crumble,Indiana & Custard, tucked up in their carrier




I will try to get a better one of Indiana later - he is a really pretty colour & has the most amazing hairdo, but is still hiding in the Eglu at the mo :roll:

We have gone for the 'chuck 'em in & hope for the best' method of intros this time around :?

Fingers crossed,everyone :D

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Well, so far, so good :D


Indiana is 14 weeks old & pretty big, so he stayed in the Eglu overnight with my exsisting Bants, but the 2 new hens are only 10 weeks, so we brought them in & they slept in a cat carrier in a nice warm room.

Simon at The Garden Hen suggested this, or they can find the night time chill a bit too much.


I am not sure about Crumble this morning, as she seems very quiet & a bit hunched, & Simon said to keep thm in the warm if this happened, but we have put them out for the moment, popping them in the Eglu to make their own way out into the big wide world.

I shall keep a close eye on her today & bring her in if I think she is finding the cold & the new situation too much - am I worrying too much do you think?


They have 2 food & drink stations to prevent squabbles.

The newbies stayed together yesterday afternoon, in a 'safe' corner behind a log, but we shall see what happens today.

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Just been for a visit, & they are all eating & drinking, which is great.

Indiana, the great wuss, was hiding under the Grub, so I hoiked him out & he is now strutting about happily.

They are sticking together in bunches, newbies & oldies & it looks like the oldies are tolerating the newbies so long as they stay at their end of the pen, which is fine as they seem happy there.We have put some clear corrogated plastic around the edge to keep it a bit warmer :P


I studied them properly today & Crumble has a dear little feather beard,which waggles when she eats - look!




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Glad to hear they're doing well Sarah.


I would be reluctant to bring them in unless it goes very cold as it would be better for them to adapt to the temperature. Or, could you put them in a garage for a week or so to acclimatise them?


I would have thought that that many in an Eglu would be cosy for them?

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Barbu d'Uccle millefleur


OMG - that's a mouthfull and a half. I can cope with Orpington but would have no chance with a Barbie's Uncle's Collyflower or whatever it is.


The smaller the hen, the more fancy the name eh? :wink:

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