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Strictly is back!

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Yaay. Mr Cutler is rather pleasing to the eye 8):D


I do enjoy it. It's great to see them transform and aren't the sports people sooo competitive :?:


We programme hop between the 2 channels as my 11yo son, Ruari really does enjoy X Factor :lol::roll::lol: (please don't judge me on this one)


Susan :)

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Wasn't he only married to her so she could stay in the country or something?!! I remember someone telling me something like that last year.

I thought it was a bit peculiar when I found out he used to be married to her. Nicole is much more masculine than he is.

I love them both though. I really did like how Ola used to move, she seemed a bit more sleazy than the others. In a good way! :?

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This is Matthew...



Oi andrew...get to the back of the queue!


At last! Something to enjoy on the TV. It has been so appalling over the past couple of months, well, it has when we've sat down with our tea on our laps to watch bit of the box!


I'm sort of fascinated with Letitia Dean? Don't know why, but I'm looking forward to seeing her and the other Dean from Easties too. I think he'll be a good sport.

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