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Cate in NZ


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I could always invite FW as well if you'd like :shock:

Although I think that even I'd be backing out fairly rapidly if she decide to come :roll: Don't mention the Eglu... or the War a la Basil Fawlty :roll:

Oh, I'd still come, I like a bit of sport :P

No, seriously, everyone who can't come, perhaps we'll meet another time, KateA's been great to get this off the ground, and hopefully there'll be many more over time. :D (Be warned, Lesley & I will pop into the photos at all of them! :shock::wink: )

Secondly, anyone who would like to come (from the forum!) as Kate says, do come, don't wait to be asked, it was an open invitation. 8)

Thirdly, looking forward to seeing you Peeps. :D

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I need to find an avatar before next Saturday because I want one on my badge.


Can anyone give me any pointers as to where to look for one and then how to add it to my profile. Are you allowed to use any pictures you find on the internet?


Annie W

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Hi Annie,


There are instructions here to show how to add an avatar.


You can use anything you like - photos of your chickens, animated gifs (do a google for those), pictures from the internet but they must be no larger than 80x80 pixels or 12K in size.


If you have any problems, let me know and I'll do what I can to help.


Good luck!

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Wondered if we could stick a pic of oursleves on this thread to remind everyone what we look like. Might just see if Mikey will take a pic of Lottie and me!! Be back soon...but not for long still doing stuff to the run :shock::?


charlie was trotting around in the garden when i got home today just can't risk that happening and her not be able to roost safely :(







There we go, not the best but been out in the cold so red faced :oops::wink:



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OK - I now have an avatar and chickens and eglu (with just a little bit of help from Jeremy my 16 yr old) - it's only taken 3 months!


I can now come along to meet you all with a clear conscience.

What - you want a photo of me as well. I shall work on that one.


Look forward to meeting you all next Saturday.

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