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Cate in NZ


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I'm glad that they'll be there - I thought that Johannes was still snowboarding.


The feather is a good thing, although I'm not sure if I have any left from the last moult as Rosie took them into school - maybe I will have to pull their tails :wink:


My Omlet t shirt is pink, so doesn't match my Eglu at all (but it will match the new rablu when I get it :D ) and is far too cold to wear in this weather, so I will just wear what I normally wear, with a badge - have printed the stickers already (Phil says that it sounds like speed-dating!) - and will try to find some feathers in the Eglu.


I can't wait now and am getting really excited


*bounces up and down*

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I,m really jealous as well :( I want to be there :(

Its just tooo far and no holiday entitlement left until the Spring :roll:

Please take pictures of the new prototype and post them here when you get back. Straight away when you get back :!:

I am going to wait now before I order my next Eglu so please find out when it will be for sale :D and what colours , purple would be good :D


It will be very quiet on the forum on Saturday :shock: How many of you lucky people are going to Kew?

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I'm quite happy to stand in the car park and look at a new-style eglu. I'm sure we'd have loads of comments - is Johannes prepared for that :?: He knows how much we like to talk :shock:


Not so sure about wearing a feather - what is the general concensus? If Omlet wanted to supply us all with Omlet fleeces to help with advertising, I'd be happy to assist! Otherwise it may just be a sticky label :!:

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I would need to take 3 days off. It takes me 10 hours to drive to my parents in Nottingham so probably another couple of hours at least to get to London :shock::lol: and then I will have to drive back.......all up hill :lol:


Please let the next one be in the centre of the UK not just the centre of England :D

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I did a count up Ginette a few minutes ago, after I couldn't remember for Johannes, and I think it was 28 of us without the Omlet guys. But there are still a few people who've not got back to me, generally some of the Londoners or near who are possibly waiting to see about weather or other committments first.

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.... I hate London, tube trains and crowds so will be a bag of nerves and in need of a cuppa by the time I get to Kew :lol: !

I'll look after you, Kate! I love London, crowds, tubes and all, I'm like a small child going on an adventure! :roll: Plus, obviously I'll join you in a cuppa! :D

Hey, Northern peeps, please don't feel left out, I'm sure we'll have loads of meetings, in many various locations It feels like planning a party but not everyone can come. In the end, you don't cancel, you just have to go ahead.

Of course we'll miss our absent friends (I'll raise a teacup to you! 8) ) and would love to catch up with you on another occasion. :D:P

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OK, the grief I've had with finding photo's. Had a mini photo session last night but the pics came out terribly, not enough flash and a very odd orange hue to everything.

So this is the best I could do, from this Christmas, before I donned the paper hat :roll:

Not sure that it'll actually help any of you recognise me though :shock:



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Off for a lie down! Too much cider :oops: !

Dutch courage, eh? Tut, tut, whatever is she like? :roll::wink:

Kate A..surely an orange tinge would be most apt!

Good idea that we know who to look for now, hadn't thought of that!

Hey, forget Kew Gardens; just an Eglu in a car park will do me.

My boss phoned this eve re week's plans.

"Sorry I won't be in at all Saturday" I said.

"That's alright, I understand, I know you've got your chicken convention :roll::roll: to go to :lol::wink: " he said.

Thanks, boss! :lol:

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P PS I hope you all have a good time at Kew and the weather is kind to you. I went there last July and took about a milion pictures of trees. Next to chickens I love trees :!:


I'm looking forward to your pictures and want to know what you think of the glass sculptures, if they are still on exhibition :?: Have a good day :D

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