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New Eglu? What new Eglu??? We could tell you but then we'd have to kill you :wink: !





thanks to Will and Johannes for all the inside information which we're not going to tell any of you :wink::lol::lol: !


What a shame :!:

Don't know what to do now :?

Missed out on a mark 2 by a few weeks. So do I order a mark2 and get 4 Hybrids? Or do I wait a while and maybe have a chance of a mark 3 and more Chickens?

What a dilema :!:

We are starting on the garden soon and need to decide space for Eglus :roll:8)

The next Eglu will be the last :( No more money :(


Can't you give me even a teeny weeny little clue, please :D:D:D

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Thumbelina (your new nickname :wink: ) we shot back to hatfield and had to get back as Charlie is escaping and we just caught her before she went to roost in the garden!! :shock: . The roof goes on the run tomorrow and well this year we will be reshaping things in the Eglu area (nudge nudge :wink::wink: thumbelina ) Why doesn't LSH come in June my man needs some hen pals! :D



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I don't think any body is back yet Ali, some are staying over in London.......

:lol: Well, I was back when you posted, but out of decency, and respect to my family, I thought I shouldn't look desperate to get back on the forum.

Managed to wait 2 and a half hours! :shock:

Great do, thanks Kate A it was a perfect venue. Enjoyed meeting & chatting with everyone. Quite hard with a large group though to see everyone as much as I'd have liked, & the time goes so quickly (when you're chatting so much! :wink: )

Here's to the next time, folks! :lol:

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Might do if the Omlet boys don't beat me to it :wink: !! I think they might post something soon!

Meh meh meh! (Excited, slightly distressed noises) When? Tell us....PLEASE! How you torture us!

OOOHH! If Mark 3 can hold more chickens, could maybe trade in mark 2 for chicken eggcitement.

Oh so so cruel................when will they post................when?! Why won't you tell us?!


Do you know really? Are you just pretending to drive us mad!

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It was soooo good to meet you all and to discover that some of you are exactly as your avatars!! A big thank you to Kate for organising it all and look forward to seeing you all again some day - in person or on webcam.


Do you mean me Annie, a badly dancing chicken :wink::oops:


Dreamt about chickens all night and feel exhausted :lol::lol:



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It was great wasnt it!! :D We got home about 5.45pm - not a bad run down to deepest darkest!'

It was lovely meeting you all and I am really looking forward to meeting more of you at the next one!

Ps We have told the Omlet chaps that there will be an official get together in the summer. We also told them that we would arrange the date and place and all they had to do was turn up with lots of goodies :D

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hI all


Thanks Kate A for organising such a great get-together - I could've spent even longer there nattering, but managed to miss talking to some Omleteers - Caroline - I realised that I hardly managed to say 'Hi' to you - how remiss and rude! I will make it up at the next one...


I was so busy trying to earwig what the lads were talking about that I missed out on gossip time.


Managed to get some half decent pictures of some of us, so will post them when I get a moment, although I realised too late that the flash was switched off, which explains some of the out of focus pix :shock::roll::oops:


Must make Rosie's supper now - back when I can....


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I think that yesterday was a resounding success, now here's to the Burghley gathering in June, and the Omlet official one in the summer too.


What do you think chaps - do you reckon that we can go ahead and organise it? I will have to give the Herb Centre a ring and enquire about pricing and availability - If the lads stump up for the venue hire, then we can do all the organising. I reckon that they ought to bring some stock too and have a shop on the day.

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Hi all


Finally I can get on the Forum - Superpants had to rescue me again ( Ta Kate :D ) The new system had shut me out.....sob.


Anyway - had a lovely day. Lovely to talk chickens and er..dogs.


Glad your boys loved their book pressies Carolinep. You didn;t say you had a rabbit called Dennis! Bless. Pop sends hugs to Brock BTW.


I want a doormat - so if I can;t get to either gathering if I'm off doing other obsession - someone will have to see to it they bring mats to this 'ere shop thing they are going to have and make sure Mel gets to bring it home for me ....pretty please :)



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Hope to see you at the next one Shona?


I'm not good with a large group of people and want to hide in a corner :roll: but I did manage to speak to about 4 people - 2 of whom I knew anyway so................


who is it who has parents/in-laws living near to me and wants to visit Eglu Towers? :oops::oops::oops:


I think it must be Annie - I recognise the chickens names ( :oops::oops::oops: again)

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who is it who has parents/in-laws living near to me and wants to visit Eglu Towers?


Yes Lesley, it was me. We are very interested in learning more about your 'dinners', as well as viewing Eglu Towers.


Have spoken to Mother-in-law - 11th/12th Feb is good for her. We just need to persuade son that he really doesn't want to go to a party that weekend.


Is Saturday 11th good for you? I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and experience with us and look forward to meeting you again soon.

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