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Cate in NZ


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Sorry you've got a bad neck carol but see you later in the year no doubt. Shame to miss meeting you Louise but we all understand.


Well may have to stick my badge on with double sided tape as been out with my mum and she bought me some lovely chicken pressies today so am later home than expected and popped into pet shop and spoilt all the kids. Chooks have got meal worms :? not pleasant and I have to feed them if I want to keep them a while (bought too many :oops: ) so now have adopted meal worms for a bit, not very veggie of me and rather disgusting but the girls will love em'. :D



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Been awake for hours :D


So excited (and the shih-tzu with the emphasis on the first syllable) has been whinging since 4am. :twisted: ) So dont expect any clever conversation (no change there then :roll::wink: )


Was thinking of making badges this morning, but will probably run out of time and, after Nigellas and Jerry's run ins with the woggles I am loathe to pull any more feathers :roll:


See you all there at the cake counter :D

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Gosh, I was wondering what time you would have to leave Mel. Surprised you're still at home. It's going to take me nearly 2 hours and I don't live far away! :shock::D See you there!

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it was fabby dabby doo girls and guys. had a great time and talked everyone to death :oops::oops: Silly jokes and guess what...kate and I are twins eh kate :wink::wink:


KateA thank you sooo very much for all the effort you made have to go and post something now.





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New Eglu? What new Eglu??? We could tell you but then we'd have to kill you :wink: !


Hey Buffster, my thumb twin :D ! Didn't take you long to get home!!


We got back to the car at the train station to find our battery was flat (someone, naming no names LSH, left the lights on!!) so we had to wait for a very, very nice man from the RAC to come and jump start us so just got home and we're about to tuck into fish and chips!!


Great day! LOVELY to meet you all - smashing lot that you are :D and a HUGE THANK YOU to Kate A for all her efforts to make this a smashing and very enjoyable day and thanks to Will and Johannes for all the inside information which we're not going to tell any of you :wink::lol::lol: !

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