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Cate in NZ


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So I am set :D

I have my name written on my forehead (using the mirror :roll: )

I will be wearing my omlet t-shirt and a few white feathers from Nigellas run in with the dogs.

I will, no doubt have chicken poo on the bottom of my shoes

Max hen and I will arrive in a filthy dirty car (as befits deepest darkest dorset) and (as again befits d.d.d) we shall be ooing and ahing at the wonderful things that the city has - electricity, running water and flush toilets..........



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my badge is hopefully going to pink and fluffy :oops: so you won't miss me. Where are we meeting and what time is everyone getting there? We are poping daisie to stoke poges for baby sitting en route :D


Sadly can't make a day of it as have no one to lock the girls up and I have no roof until sunday (for the run) so will talk you to death in 3 hours!!!! :lol::lol::lol:


By the way ok to hug :?:D



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Just to wish you all a lovely time on Saturday.


Please think of me sat here in the forum twiddling my thumbs and talking to myself.


We really haven't got any throw away spending money this month, and with moving house, christmas and baby on the way - we're brassic! I've also stopped freelancing now, which means we are half a wage short.


I know....I know...violins at the ready :roll:


I was so looking forward to a tummy rub from Clare too :cry:

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Oh, that's such a shame :( , I was soo looking forward to seeing you and rubbing the bean too. We must have an interim meet-up, just a few of us. It is relatively easy for me to get over towards you/Kate. And if we end up near Kate, then Phil can go to Newark antique fair :roll: while we gossip.


We could have a 'friends lunch' and each bring an item or two of food to keep the cost down. It can be a good excuse to plan the Omlet summer 'do' :D:wink: for them.

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