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Ladies I can't make the Kew get together :(


Child 3 has shingles, and it is galloping, poor kitten. I'm waiting for his medication from the chemist, but the GP said it will be a long haul before he is better... he is so uncomfortable he can't wear clothes, so all I can do is keep him warm and cuddled, and play nice low-key distracting games. I am gutted for him, he is only 3 years old, how unjust is it for him to get shingles at this age? He had chicken pox when he was a baby, but my first, Emma, got shingles when she was 7! I am starting to think I'm doing something wrong...


He has had a lot of colds and viruses this winter and maybe his immune system is a bit low.


So I'm sorry I won't be meeting you this Saturday. Maybe next time.


Heather x

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Thank you loads. He is in a lot of discomfort, keeps telling me "mummy it really hurts" and says it burns and itches. Can't wait to get my hands on that Zovirax syrup - have to pick it up at 4 today. OH got the herpes virus when he was a baby and a stupid uncle with a cold sore kissed him :roll: but I have never got it. All kids had chicken pox as tinies, so it is a mystery. Anyway. Horrid subject! I will stop moaning now and not hijack the Kew thread anymore.


Thanks again for Robbie's good wishes, I'm off to do more cuddling.



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Places like Kew will often have wheelchairs to use. My DD3 is on crutches now and bitterly disappointed at the thought of not coming. I'm waiting to see how she is. If she can walk properly with the crutches she can come, if she's still hopping/swinging probably not. But I could borrow a wheelchair for her . . .

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They definitely do nice cakes, with all free-renge organic ingredients. This is a cut & paste bit from an email I got from their catering manager back in November when I was first researching this:


Thank you for your enquiry. All our cakes are made to our

specifications at Millets Organic Farm in Oxfordshire. All eggs are

organic and free range. Our scones are made daily with organic



Our Orangery restaurants offers a very good selection of cakes and

scones etc. Average price for tea & cake per person £4.00/£5.00


I hope you enjoy your visit.


Information Dept


Heather so sorry you can't make it but quite understandable under the circumstances. I do hope your little one is feeling better soon. Shingles at 4 sounds so unfair, most children haven't even had chickenpox by then.


Kaz, it'd be brilliant to meet you too, if you felt able to make it. I can't remember off hand about availability of wheelchairs, I'll check in their literature later and post when I get a chance.


Looking forward to meeting all of those who can make it on Saturday.... and just about everyone else in April from the sounds of it, except Ali :(

How about a Scotland get-together in the Autumn ? (before it gets too cold for us Southern softies :roll::wink: )

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Heather - hope it soon settles down now you have the medication (?) Shingles is horrible.


Kate - I don't think you can call Kaz 'an old fogey' :shock: - just you and me! And.... Coffee and Walnut is all mine :evil:


I've been checking routes in www.tfl.gov.uk as we have to start by Waterloo to go to Kew and go on to Knightsbridge afterwards. There are lots of 'works' being carried out on various tube lines this weekend. :( There is a Journey Planner to check your route

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