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Cate in NZ


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If she can walk properly with the crutches she can come, if she's still hopping/swinging probably not.


I can help you carry her Ginette.


I'm due to have my knee done on 30th Jan so have plenty of sympathy for Kaz, Ginette's daughter and all other knee sufferers.

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Hello everyone - sorry to have been so antisocial for a while!


Unfortunately I have a neck injury (not supposed to be using the computer :( ) so won't be able to make it at the weekend :cry::cry:


Just wanted to post a quick message to wish you all a great day - have a piece of cake for me (not Kit as he doesn't eat cake of course :roll: ) and I look forward to hearing all about it!


Hope I can get back on the forum properly soon :(


Carol x

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Can someone please take lots of photo's for me, Sarahjo and Carol back here in forumland on Saturday. And don't forget to jot down any good gossip and report that back too. We promise not to talk about you either while you are all gone :wink:


Edit - not forgeting Louise too

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Well folks I won't be there I'm afraid I have had a very busy and stressful week so I really need to recharge the old batteries :cry:


But you are all expected no demanded to have a jolly good time and extra cake for me :lol:


Oh and if Simon of the lovely bottom is there can someone get a pic of the rest of him for me :shock::oops::lol:

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:( Sorry you can't be our V.I.P. guest this time, Louise, I was looking foward to chaffeur driving you from the airport. Still, maybe next time, and stay for the w/e! I'll send you a PM. Meanwhile, I shall eat your cake portion :oops: and raise a teacup to all absent friends. :D

...including Carol. Noticed you haven't been around here for a while, thought it was usual busy family life. Sorry to hear abouit the neck injury, best wishes for a speedy recovery. :D

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