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Wow wonderful photos Kate.


Brought back many happy memories of sledging down Dunstable Downs with my boys at brake neck speed, and in tandem and being hurled off at the bottom into piles of snow. Boys used to ski down the slopes and there were torches and candlelights at night.


We lived right on the edge of the downs - never did understand why they call them downs and they are all steep ups!


I am of to daydream again


Thanks for the lovely photos posted - made my day

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I forgot to say that the snow is deep above my ankles here and just heavenly. I was up and out before anyone else and took photos of the virgin snow before the children got out there and churned it up. And I took great delight in being the first one to do a silly John Cleese walk up the road and back about 100 yards to make the first footsteps.


Boy do I get a kick out of doing that when everyone else is still tucked up in bed - and that was late today 8.30am!

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NOT FAIR !!!!!

We have had it forecast for the past couple of days, but it just has not showed up :?


Happy Birthday Lesley- I hope you have had a wonderful day :P


It must be odd having it so near to Christmas (My Mums is Christmas Eve & my Dads New Years Day!)


Its my 40th in 2006 & I am quitely dreading such a big landmark in my life :?

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We barely got any snow here either, just a little sprinkling first thing this morning- enough to mean that the car needed s"Ooops, word censored!"ing and defrosting before I could drive to work, but not really enough to qualify as real snow in my opinion. Not that I was too disappointed about that, going back to work was painful enough without having to struggle to get in. Everyone at work today was in a really miserable mood, staff & patients alike, it was quite clear that no-one wanted to be there and it was a horrid, horrid day :(

It looks like Tom & Ollie had a great time sledging Kate :P , my 2 had high hopes of sledging too, maybe we'll get some snow down here soon- ideally before Tuesday when they're back to school :wink:

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Yes, Lesley, no snow at all in Dartford, yet other areas very close to us are deluged with the stuff. I'm quite baffled, and the children are very disppointed, they want me to drive them to Gillingham, Chatham or somewhere similar tomorrow if we still miss out on snow, simply so they can go sledging :roll:

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