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Bulk Hatching

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OMG :shock:


I am realising how naive I have been.


Think I'm going to stick to pasta and salad/veggie options whenever we eat out from now on.


I never thought owning hens would have such an impact on my life. We eat responsibly, I only buy organic meat for our meals at home but will take much mre care when eating out from now on.


Thanks Snowy, I'd never seen this clip before.



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I had absolutely no idea!


Those poor creatures being thrown around and falling through sorting machines etc. I wonder how many are injured.:?


Can we be assured that Omlet chickens are not hatched and processed in this heartless way?


Useful tip about the feathers for those who incubate and hatch their own.

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I've had three so far and I still have all of them. The eldest and one of the others are going to a friend in Shetland who is also taking a couple of girls. The last one may end up as dinner though we'll see. This friends breeds light sussex so if I was going to do it for food I think I would just get eggs off him and try not to interact with them.

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Hi all,


The videos I've just watched were very interesting but I feel so sorry for them all. :(


I just have to look out of my window at mine on the grass and it makes you feel so good to see them running around happy and that they are so lucky to live with people like us, it's all about luck as to which egg they come out of.


What a life eh - I know they don't know any thing different, but we do! Who would want to buy eggs from a chicken thats been crammed in a cage and eats its food as if its watching a tennis match!!


Got to go know, I want to go outside in the sun and wander around for a while with my friends, Bert, Ruby, Doris, Hilda, Mini, Gladys, Winky and Dora with her 4 babies. :D(white chicken) (now 10 weeks old and massive - if they were in a hatchery they would be gonnas by now!)


Take care, Dyan

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OMG I too have been naive. I have always said I know where meat comes from and that I am happy to eat it but this is terrible. Those poor chicks are thrown around like objects.


We will be eating our boys (I think we only have about 3 out of the 13 at the moment so not bad) BUT at least they have had a life and are treated with respect (Except for this morning when Mr Fox tried unsuccessfully to visit)


YOur post has also annoyed me couperman, I was going to say shocked me but I am getting less and less shocked these day


I too will be watching where the meat come from when eating out too. ( I WON'T be going Veggie though sorry I like my meat too much!)

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I thought the Chick cannon was quite appalling and not really necessary either. hope


I don't understand the need to 'fire' them into the building. They must injure loads doing that.


I was in two minds whether to post it mainly because of the puppet making light the whole thing.


I really hope that it is not standard practice.




Edited to make more sense, and spelling

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Call me a wuss but I think I'd rather not watch the clip. I gave up meat 13 years ago after watching various programmes about slaughterhouses etc.


OH never really had pets before he met me and since we got the chooks he's been really careful about buying organic meat etc and won't eat chicken sarnies from supermarkets unless it says free range (I think M&S use free range?)


I can't believe that horrible stuff still continues to be allowed to go on..... :shock::(

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