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Can I see your dust baths please?

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The girls are now in their Eglu Go Up, permanently, but we have yet to provide them with a dust bath, mainly because I have no idea a) what container to put it in b) what goes in it & c) where to position it in the run. Also, does it need to be completely sheltered from the elements?


I’d love to see your set up re dust baths and some info/tips about them. 

Thanks 🐥

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Container needs to be relatively large, although chickens will even squeeze in a plant pot to dust bath given the chance. 
Also important is that the sides aren’t too high as they will then tend to perch on it and tip the whole thing over.
Think @mullethunterhas an old tyre, which works well.

As for what you put into it: and non clingy sand or just earth/dirt is perfect. If you can keep it dry, that would be better. Otherwise make sure the water can drain away.

My Go Up run is on just earth and they use that to dust bath in.

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Yes I have a tub trug wedged into a large car tyre. It works brilliantly- the girls like to perch around it as well as dust bathing in it. It has no drainage but is completely protected from rain.

Cattails is totally right about the plant pot though - usually a pot you’d rather they didn’t dig to pieces 🙄





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