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Got some very sad news today

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Oh no... that is very sad news :( I hope that with positivity, support, treatment and a lot of resilience and patience all goes well for your friend...


My mother in law had a tumour removed two years back, and was told afterwards she was all clear, and we just found out that, well, she isn't all clear, which is a shock to all of us... It's a time when you realise how lucky we are to live in a era of advanced and readily available medical care...

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Very sad :(


I think that the problem is that here are no gynaecological surgeries as we have in my country. There, every woman goes at least once a year for a check up, including a smear test and a UV scan. I reckon that 3 years wait is rather too long.


Anyway, during summer I went to my doctor back at home and he actually found something slightly out of order, and so I am back in one week's time for a colposcopy. Fingers crossed that it will be ok. :?


Here, I would be due for a smear test earliest in March 2008 + at least 2 months waiting for results!

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:( Hope she does not have to have a hysterectomy.


I had a brush with this before having children - similar age, and had surgery. I am still checked every year, and have had 2 healthy boys since. Though did keep my legs crossed, as with my 1st, some junior doc informed me that at 20 weeks my baby would probably fall out :twisted: .


Good support will help - big hugs xox

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My youngest sister had a diagnosis of cervical cancer last year and she's absolutely, completely fine now. No hysterectomy, no nothing :D . There are other options to hysterectomy by the way, so if the surgeons are suggesting hysterectomy and she's not yet had children don't let be pushed into hysterectomy without fully exploring all the options. Surgeons tend to leap to hysterectomy as it's still the simplest option for them, but it's not always the best option for the woman concerned.


I really hope that your friend is OK, and that the scan went well.


I'd also recommend cancer bacup, as mentioned by Buffie. They're superb :D


Thanks to smear screening cervical cancer these days is rarely invasive or a serious problem, scary, very for the woman concerned, the word cancer is enough to scare the pants off the most of us, but it really shouldn't be a horror scenario.


Forensica, I can see where your comments are coming from, and I do agree, but 3 yearly smears are adequate for most women since abnormal cells on the cervix usually do grow very slowly, and in fact very early changes "borderline changes" can be very hard for cytologists to determine, so whilst it sounds dreadful it's often worth waiting 6 months or so from the very first mildly abnormal smear as they often resolve spontaneously. High risk women do get annual NHS smears, anyone reporting symptoms that could suggest problems with the cervix will get an early one, and of course anyone can pay to have them done privately, as often as they like :wink: . The cytology screening service has also improved massively recently with the introduction of liquid based cytology, and they're poised to start giving teenage girls Gardasil vaccination to protect against HPV, thus reducing the risk of cervical cancer. Both massive leaps forward in the detection and prevention of this disease :D .


If the NHS had additional resources for screening services I think that we should focus on men and the ridiculously high risk of prostate cancer that older men have, or maybe extending the breast cancer screening services for women. Starting at 50, ending at 64, and only providing mammograms 3 yearly means that too many women are missed. And breast cancer is a lot more prevalent than cervical cancer :( .

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