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if you mean MS word, you just click 'format' at the top then click 'background' and choose one of the colours that pops up :)



or click on 'more colours' then the 'custom' tab and choose your own hue.

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OH couldn't do it without turning the brightness down on the screen! :roll:

that made the page grey, but all the content dark too! :lol::lol:


So in answer to you question -

Thanks Christian. Is there no end to your talent ?!! :lol: x


Yes there is an end to my talents. Hate computers, give me chickens anyday!


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Fred - good point, I had thought that too but was hoping it would be the same in different versions (some hope knowing Microsoft!)


Lovemychooks - assuming this is for documents that you want to create yourself, there's no way I can see of making it permanent. However you could make a shortcut to save you doing it each time. Open a word document, change the background to the colour you want and save it to your desktop. Just use that every time you want a new document (but obviously save it as something else once you've started using it!) By the way, background colours don't print so it'll only be of use to you on your computer.


Don't know if that helps :).

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ok here goes:

Tools>Macro>Record New Macro

Give the Macro a name, then click assign to keyboard

In Press a new shortcut key, hold down the buttons that you would like the shortcut to be assigned to (like Shift, Control, B) Press Assign then close.

Then a box should appear, do what you would normally do to change the background, the on the box that showed up, click the square, or stop button.

Then Tools>Macro>Macros, on the macro name, then step into, A new window should apper, on that go to File>Save normal then close it down.

when you open a new word document, and do the shortcut, hopefully the background will change!

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Assuming you aren't just talking about Word then just do this:-


Right-click on desktop (Windows wallpaper)

Choose Properties

Chose the 'Appearance' tab

Click 'Advanced'

Click on the white window background that pops up (where it says 'window text')

Select the grey colour that you wanted

Press OK

Press OK again

Wait 5 hours for Windows to refresh... and there you are, grey background on all windows!

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