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little chickadee

I'm a mealworm farmer! (Spied my first baby mealworms!)

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I've started off my mealworm breeding kit, although to be honest I wouldn't recommend buying the kit, as all you get with the worms is some food and I've been told that you can just give them normal rolled oats and some occaisional pieces of frit/ veg (they eat the oats and get water from the fruit veg) My son is going to be very excited when he gets home but my husband is not impressed as they creep him out!

Will let you know how I get on.





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I got them from www.wigglywigglers.co.uk but I'd just get some live mealworms and start them off yourself. I can let anyone know what it said in the instructions! When they pupate, you put them into a seperate ice cream tub and then put them into another one (with food) when they turn into beetles. etc etc and give them new feed/bedding once a week.

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Good on you but rather you than me. I can cope with the dead dried ones but I tried to give the girls live ones once and nearly died of the creeps trying to hold the box. Just awful!! Girls loved them and they are horendously expensive, I could NOT have live meal worms in my house. That's like when OH has asked (very rarely) to keep maggots in the fridge. :shock::vom::vom::vom::vom:

It sounds like you're planning to keep them even when they turn into bugs?! :?:shock::vom:


And if anything turned into a big black beetle in my house, well I have big black boots and I'm afraid (sorry any sensitive souls, veggies or otherwise nice people) I would have to stamp on them (and I HATE killing things!)


Mrs Bertie

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