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My Addiction

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OK, time to come clean, to admit it *takes deep breath* I am an addict :oops:


It started 4 years ago, I was enticed by the smell. I paid cash and took my purchase home. I was careful not to be seen with it, I spent a lot of money, it was *dramatic pause* wrong :anxious::shock: Once I was sure I was alone, I locked the door and lit up. Just the initial smell was sweet, intoxicating, I inhaled deeply, AHHH. The heady sweetness filled the room, I danced around, enchanted and light headed, mmmm. I was hooked. But.....the dealer had moved on, I needed my fix, where to go? Surprisingly, I stumbled across a new supplier, online, my addiction delivered straight to my door. This was too good to be true! A couple of days ago my supply arrived, I unwrapped the package with anxious anticipation, and there it was.........
























A lovely set of Christmas Yankee Candles from QVC :lol:

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I am not a QVC fan but Yankeee candles are superb!


I am a dirty filthy evil lepper smoker type of guy, and becuase of this Cathy buys these candles, they last for ages and ages and infact I have just lit last years Frankenstein anD Muir one. I don't smoke much in the house but if I do it is compulsory to light a candle.


I like the Vanilla type one best.


They are not the cheapest to buy but they certainly last, and come in a nice jar too, easy to put out, you must take the lid back off once the candles is out though to enjoy the smell! :wink:



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They do smell good, & I am sure they would fit beautifully into lock & locks :lol:

I have a fair few of those too, but always seem to have more bottoms than lids :roll:


Oh why stop there - you could then put all the lock and locks in a tubtrug!


I have more bottoms than lids too.


I don't have any Yankee Candles cos I can't bring myself to spend the money on them but I do like them.

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mmmmm I am with both Claire & Sarah on this.

I have a great big Housewarmer Clean Cotton one ( I'm back on my laundry smells again...) that I got from Centerparcs. Cost £15 :shock: smells fab though, only I can't bring myself to light it :oops:

when I was in Keswick I bought a beeswax candle from the farmers market, that smells divine too.

Lesley- can you make candles from your beeswax?

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I would try these candles but I have an addictive personality so I must not.


I am addicted to my log-burner, I love the smell and the warmth I grew up with log-burners and they take me right back to my childhood :D


I am also addicted to cookery books, ironing, blackcurrant liquourice, chickens and this forum - and probably a few other things :oops:

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Glad I'm not the only one who thinks these are lovely!


For anyone who thinks they are expensive, I justified the purchase of the first one because it smelled exactly like cinnamon (it is called Cinnamon Stick) and it is so huge, I have used an inch of it in four years (22oz, with a burn time of up to 150 hours). I just bought Vanilla Cookie (white chocolate aroma) Mistletoe (evergreen forest aroma), and Christmas Eve (sort of berry fruity aroma). I have four in total, and one of these new ones will be a gift. I don't like perfume, I like proper smells, and these candles have captured the aromas they purport to be very accurately indeed. If you are sceptical and are near an outlet, go along and have a sniff! There's even one that smells like clean washing!


You can buy different sizes, the 22oz ones burn for up to 150 hours and my new ones are 14oz so burn for up to 90 hours, so you can see you do actually get your moneys worth, they can last for years, and the aroma does not fade.


I'm not on commission, honest! :oops:

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