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I'm going to York!!

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I'm off to York with my sister on a coach trip for the day 2nd December. It's to York Xmas market & a lot of time for shopping round Swinegate & The Shambles! We are really excited. Makes a nice change to Sunday cleaning etc etc!!!


Hubby's are on chook & horse duty that day! :D We leave at 7.30am on the Sunday morning and come back about 5pm from York.

Mulled wine, roasted chestnuts & mincepies from Starbucks!!!! Yummy!!!!



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I love York too and my little Godson lives there (he was 1 on Thursday :) )


Dan, my family went to the Railway Museum in August and said it was absolutely brilliant. 18yo girl said it was one of the best places she had ever been - and she wasn't interested before she went!


Some people from Surrey did a day trip to York on the train (for Godson's christening) but it is quite expensive.


Have a great time on December 2nd! :D:D:D

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DH, a friend, her hubby and myself got stuck on that wheel for ages at the top when we went to York... Still... was a nice view...


Heres the view....




Heres the wheel itself.




York is lovely. We went there for a long weekend with some close friends and had a fantastic time! The boys especially liked the railway museum. Marie and i left them to it and went shopping... 8) Came back to find DH had taken loads of photos of random trains! :roll:

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Helen thanks for the pic from the top of the wheel. :lol:


now I never have to go up in it :lol:


I went on the London Eye in the summer (with 20 odd year 7's) - didnt enjoy it much, needed to hold on :oops:


dont like heights much (cant for the life of me work out why I have taken up indoor rock climbing :shock::lol::lol: ) - or rather, dont like the falling part much :lol:




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