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The perfect all singing/dancing buggie

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New baby due in February, a first for my daughter and suddenly she needs a degree in baby transport. There are so many and all say that they do everything except dance. Also is that why Mums have 4x4's, to transport them? Any helpful suggestions gratefully received.


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If your daughter uses public transport it is essential she buys something light weight and something you can fold using one hand :) I bought my first grandson one of those huge, three wheeled monsters as that is what his parents wanted, it was comfortable for a new baby BUT a nightmare to use in crowded shops and you needed to be superwoman to lift it into the car boot :evil: within 6 months they stopped using it :roll: and now have a light weight umbrella folding McLaren.



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ohhh noooooooo not buggy shopping!!!, i love buggy shopping dont tell OH as he hates me going on e-bay looking at buggies :twisted:

i have had loads of buggies

the bugaboo is the best by far, i have had six :oops::oops:

(all at different times)

there are great deals on e-bay, if you dont mind buying a second hand one. most fabric covers are washable.

if you ask your daughter what she will be using it for i can help. i have had off road and little buggies.

look at the resale value on e-bay as if she doesnt like it she will want to get a good price for it. mamas and papas p3s sell better than the freestyler (they drop in value like a brick) the three wheeler mamas and papas have had loads of problems and my friends has spent more time being mended than at her house. the mountain buggies are fantastic and are offroad three wheelers, i have had two twins and four singles (fixed and swivel wheels).

i have had jane singles and doubles they are good but heavy and long (not for the bus)

i have had four phil and teds, not as good quality as the mountain buggy but can have two seats.

the bugaboo is the best, it has a carrycot, is both rear and forward facing, can be used in the snow and sand, is very lightweight and i now have a buggyboard with a seat on for my toddler (photo on my album)

what was she looking for?

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Oh yeah bugaboos are great but pricey. My fav buggy which I had from Noah and still have in the loft to re use at some point (once Im no longer using a double) is my Mamas and Papas Sport. Its a three wheeled travel system one but unlike most of this type its simple and light weight not bulky, using the clip in travel cot you can use it from birth and pop it striaght in and out of the car as the car seat. Its understated and smart in appearance being plain black and a nice chunky solid frame and is very resonably priced compared to many. I cannot recomend enough any buggy with pneumatic tyres, NEVER get plastic wheels, I once bought a little plastic wheeled one cause it was tiny and light weight and folded up to fit in a rucksack, and they are rubbish and very hard to push. Air filled tyres just glide and are soooo much easier.

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I'm too old for this thread. :lol:


It seems to me that you would need a degree in mechanical engineering and the strength of 10 men to be able to fold and lift some of the new buggies, which look exactly like Victorian invalid carriages.


My last buggy was a McLaren with 2 lie back positions and I can remember that it was frightfully expensive at £42.00


I imagine they cost a tiny bit more than that now. :?

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We bought the Quinny Buzz for Leo. He's only 3 weeks old today, but I love the buggy. Very easy to fold, and stores v.small. We got the carrycot, buggy and car seat (and easyfit bases for the car). It wasn't cheap, but it is great - and comes in cool colours too!


He spends all day in the carrycot, and the nights in his moses basket - so we are really making us of it!


Other friends bought the icandy, quinny buzz again, bugaboo, mammas and pappas or silver cross - no complaints from any of us yet!



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Congratulations Suzanne, I bet you and your daughter are excited 8)


I too have been looking at the vast range of buggies/pushchairs/prams available and have not the faintest idea where to start! This thread could prove to be very useful....


I really don't want to pay the earth for one, some of the prams I have seen look lovely but are soooo expensive - £500 for a pram is just slightly (very much) out of my price limit :roll:


I would happily have a second-hand one but I still wouldn't have a clue which to go for and which ones would be a good second-hand buy and which would be on their last legs (or wheels!).


[Off the subject, I had a parcel from Mothercare today full of baby clothes that I bought in their sale :D I'm not due until early April but a bargain is a bargain!!! :roll::lol: ]

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you do have to take care when buying secondhand especially of e-bay where you cant really see what it is like. i bought a mamas and papas p3 from e-bay once and it was broken in two places, the wheels had had it and the fabric looked like it had never been washed and still had sick on it.

ok with bugaboos, there are several types

the ORIGIONAL, i will be about 7 or 8 years old, not really much that can go wrong, you cant get the fabrics anymore but the frog version would probably fit. it has the break on the front wheels which was a pain (yes i did have one) they are worth about £100 on e-bay. Here is one, obviously it is the photo they have taken. they have called it a frog but its not.


the FROG, fantastic buggy they were stopped two years ago, most around are in good condition because they cost £500 + accessories so people looked after them. mechanicall not much goes wrong. i have had a few of these and never a bad one. just dont get black as they fade and they dont look nice. i have a navy one that cost me £160 from e-bay in perfect condition and i have a set of red fabrics that cost me £45 so i can change the colour if i want. this is like mine


the GEKO the cheaper version of the bugaboos out at the moment, basicall the same as the frog but with a smaller seat £469ish


the CAMELEON out now as well, the delux version. has the biggest seat and carrycot. it also has an advustable handle and adjustable suspension, you buy a base fabric in one colour and then a set of fabrics that you can change. cost £599. but i about one two months old from e-bay for £350 inc footmuff (£69new).

i prefered the frog so i sold it (and made a few pennies) and bought a frog again.


the best way to get one is to look at newly listed bugaboos on e-bay, some people put them on buy it now really cheap and occasionally if an auction ends at a funny time like first thing in the morning or during eastenders you can get a bargain.

the good well built makes like bugaboo and mountain buggy do tend to last forever and they have a great resale value. if you buy a graco (which was my first buggy, i used it a few times and sold it for £100 but paid £290 for it used ones go for £45) they are not worth much so you loose everything you have spent on it. i have always got the same or more than i paid for a mountain buggy or bugaboo.


it is really hard when you first look for a buggy because you dont know what to look for and to be honest alot of shop assistants i have met have never even had a baby or used a buggy. rear facing is great as it is nice to see your new baby and make faces at them as you walk along. air tyres are lovely and smooth and great off road.

suzanne do you live anywhere near me because your daughter is welcome to come around to have a play with my bugaboo.


the mumsnet website is great for advice. they have forums with sections in of mums to be that are due in the same month. it is fab (or am i just really sad? :oops::oops: ) they have loads of buggy discussions on there.

good luck and congratualtions to your daughter and feel free to pm me with any baby gear questions.

its such an exciting time, we are discussion having a third at the moment

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i know, i didnt want any origionally because i didnt want to leave work, then i agreed to have one, then two and now another :shock: .

the only thing that is pulling me away from another is that i would find it hard to go back to work, i just dont think i could juggle it with three. i am lucky that financially i can afford to stay at home (and i know alot of people cant afford to stay at home) but i loved teaching and i do miss it. i do find my children rewarding but its not the same. i know it is the better for my kids for me to be at home and to be honest it is great. this week we started christmas crafts and we have made chrsitmas trees out of felt and sparkly chrsitmas cards etc. i love it!!!

i am feeling rather broody as well and we do have five bedrooms :twisted::twisted::twisted:


i am waiting until the new year before we decide as its better to have an eldest in the year baby and gives me time to think about it.

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oh and i forgot to say about buggies and e-bay around this time of year.

buggies tend to be cheaper on e-bay after christmas from my experience over the last three years. probably because of the sales. i rarely sell a buggy after christmas but i do buy them :twisted::twisted:

i have been trying to be really good and i only have a bugaboo at the moment (hee hee i did have two until last week, but OH didnt notice the other one :twisted::twisted: ) i am really bad because i see a buggy i like on e-bay thats a bargain and i cant resist it, i dont really need it. then i sell one to make room for the new one (so OH doesnt notice :twisted::twisted::lol: ) its a bit of a cycle, which is why i have had so many. i love the one i have now though and its perfect with the buggyboard seat, three cupholders (for two beakers and my cup of tea). is compact and lightweight, easy to get in and out of the car. but i am mad as a hatter as i still look on newly listed buggies on e-bay. :roll::roll:

i have got great bargains for my friends from there as well, i love shoping but i always get a bargain if i can.

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We've just bought this pushchair




The Graco Liberty Elite. You can buy a car seat for it as well, and the main body of the pram comes out, to take the car seat. The main body also converts from pram mode (as pictured) to push chair really easily, and it fold down to fit in even a small boot. I'm afraid, having 'test-driven' some ridiculously expensive pushchairs over the last few weeks, I just don't see the point of buying a Bugaboo, Quinny or whatever else is the 'must have' this month.

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Well it looks as if the Mamas and Papas Pramette is winning at the moment but we have now been told that the car seat is heavy to lift in and out of the car.

I have to try it out too apparently. Is she trying to tell me something?



I think you might be roped in for a spot of baby minding. You'll absolutely hate it!!! :lol::lol:

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Have you thought about just using a sling for the first few months and then buying a pushchair when your DD could buy a cheaper more basic model? A sling is so much more natural. Carry your baby, keep it close they grow up far too quick :(


Failing that spend, spend, spend on buggies because as well as being a sling addict I love pushchairs too :oops:


If your DD would like a car seat to attach the pushchair then she is wise to get the car seat best suited to her car and then base the purchase of the pushair around that. But TBH a baby under 6 weeks shouldn't be in a car seat for more than 30 minutes at a time without a break and once over 6 weeks they need a break after 1 1/2 hours.


For buggies your DD needs to work out if she needs an adjustable handle bar, if she needs a large shopping basket, whether she would like the baby to face her once it can sit up, if she would like truly lie flat or if she would be happy with fairly flat, if she is going to go off road, whether she needs small/lightweight.


I'm sure there's loads more considerations but its bed time so I'm being called.

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