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No eggs, ever?!

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Is it possible for a hen to never, ever lay an egg?! I've read lots of threads here about delays in laying but my girl is seriously overdue.


Duchess, one of my four Rhode Island Reds is now 40 weeks old, perfectly healthy but hasn't laid an egg, ever. The three other hens (all from the same batch of RIRs from Wernlas) started laying at 28 weeks and have laid consistently since (good girls!). So Duchess is currently 3 months overdue and showing no signs of laying.


Duchess looks just as healthy and as big as the others (though comb still fairly small), eats well and is active and as happy as a free-ranging hen could be. I've tried feeling for her pelvic bones but she's not that happy being picked up. She doesn't crouch when stroked.


Help please!


(here's a photo taken in August of the girls eating spaghetti, Duchess is on the left)


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Can't see the pic. You have to log on to Facebook.


You say her comb is smaller....maybe she was a bit younger than the others.


You could wait and see what happens in the spring, ring the breeder for a chat or take her to a vet for an opinion.


I dare say there is the odd hen that doesn't lay, but it is pretty unusual.

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Patience has paid off!!!


Duchess has started laying, 5 months after the other hens started! They laid at 28 weeks old, she has started aged 48 weeks, and is now really proud and noisy about it. I can't understand why she took so long (all four hens are the same batch of Rhode Island Reds). I think she might have started laying somewhere in the garden because the first of her eggs in the nesting box have been good sizes.


All four are now laying an average of 3 a day (often laying 4), in January, which is brilliant considering the lack of daylight.


So thank you all for your advice!

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Congratulations on the egg at last


I'm passing this on to Dannii our Gold Legbar. We got her from Wernlas last May, when she was about 12 weeks old. She has not laid one egg


The other 2 we got at the same time Kylie(Fresian Fowl) once she started we had a lovely white egg almost every day, she has now gone into a moult and has stopped laying and Martha (blue Laced Wyandotte when she started an egg almost every day, then a moult and none since :(


All in all we have 7 hens and at the moment we get about 3 eggs a week :roll::(


We are hoping for big things from them in the Spring and hope to be drowning in eggs by the end of it


We are having to draft in replacements to help out, well, we are chicken sitting for 5 weeks and will have 4 more girls to look after for a while


PS your girls are beautiful and you have an amazing set up it looks so nice. Your girls are very lucky :D

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