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Fave films at Christmas

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what's that one with Richard Attenborough(sp?) "Christmas on 52nd Street" or something like that!?


**edit*** found it!!! "Miracle on 42nd Street" :D


"The Sound of Music"


"The Wizard of Oz"


Bing Crosby's "White Christmas"


cple of Doris Day ones that I adored when I was little too


"By the Light of the silvery moon"


"On Moonlight Bay"


one of them was set during Christmas and they were ice skating on the frozen lake and there was the typical sleigh ride with horses.


There was one with Judy Garland that had Christmas in it too, think it was "Meet me in St Louis"? snowball fights in that and she sings 'Have yourself a merry little christmas' makes me cry it's so lovely!


any of those type of films made in the 40s/50s that had Christmas in! :)


"Cheaper by the Dozen" I think was another.


can't wait to see "It's a Wonderful Life" for the first time this year, got the DVD ready and waiting :D

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My favoite Christmas films are:








Have you seen that "Elf" is on TV tonight? 5:45 on C4. I've never seen it before, but the children said that it's good, so guess what I'll be watching whilst I do my ironing tonight :wink:


Its fantastic! Thanks for the reminder! I almost forgot it was on tonight. Its so funny, definatly worth watching!



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Snowy said:

Not a film I know, but wonderful Christmas viewing, I loved it - The 10th Kingdom! Pure fairytale fantasy!


Glad you liked this, my cousin had a (small) part in it! I watched every episode, but he was only in 2 that I could see.


Favourite films? I keep changing my mind. Useless I know but I can never commit myself to questions like this, I'm easily swayed by the next one that comes on. Wizard of Oz brings back memories of Christmas as a child. Also The Sound Of Music. I'm looking forward to watching The Snowman with the boys this year.

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Oh mine has to be The Great Escape (I know it's not technically a Christmas film but it's brilliant) !! It used to be on every Christmas and it doesn't feel like Christmas Day if it's not on, even though we could put the DVD on ! :oops::D


Oh, and even though I know it's not a film, I must say that i'm really pleased Noel's Christmas Presents is on this year.....has me crying every time :oops::D

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'Its a Wonderful Life' - classic Christmas movie, & makes me weep every time


'The Holiday' - a modern movie & just brilliant to watch at Christmas.Its coming to Sky this year!


'It's a Wonderful Life' - Mine too! Mam used to call me George, because of that film, 'One day I am gonna shake the dirt of this little ol town off my shoes and see the World' If only she could see me now,


Chairman of Norhern Rock! :roll::D:D


I also reckon Steve McQueen will get over that fence this year, he thinks he knows where he has been going wrong.





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I love anything light hearted over Christmas.


I especially like it when they put Oliver on, or Alice in Wonderland (1972 version) and Wizard of Oz and any Rodgers and Hammerstein film :D


Got 'It's a WOnderful Life' on video - not too bothered if I don't see that this year, watched it a lot in the past.

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