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Chicken Nicknames

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We all name our chickens,but do you,like me,also give them nicknames?


Sherbert is always called 'Thug' because she looks like a bouncer.

Floss is 'Stupid',just because she is :roll:

Crumble is 'Beardy Wierdy' because of her odd little feather beard

Rosie is 'Emo',because she is dour & black

& the Late poppy was always called 'Pop Tart'


You don't want to even know what we call the children :wink:8):lol:

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I haven't given the girls nicknames but I do do it with the cats all the time depending on what mood they are in!


Tilly - Tuppeny or The Minx

Daisy - Mini Minx

Alfie - Alfit, Baby Minx

Parcel - Parcel Force

Barney - Lucifer or The Thing

Poppy - Popsicle, Chopsy, Mardy Trout, Grumpy Bag


and the late Charlie (cat) was Charlie Rabbit

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Some of ours have nicknames

Speckle - grumpy old bag (for obvious reasons)

Bertie - freeloader (ditto)


the bantams are all currently known as "you ridiculous creatures" in the nicest possible way!

Frank the cat - greedy guts (obvious again!)

Delilah the dawg - big lump (ditto)

Georgia (DD 6) - Daisy daydream cos she's always got her head in the clouds

Lauren (DD 5) Lollo cos Georgia couldn't say Lauren when she was little

Harrison - H although he keeps putting the girls dressing up shoes on and shouting "I princess, I princess!!" so perhaps we need to think of something a little prettier

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Chickens no but the cats all have several names :oops:


Tinker - Tink, Bink, Binky, Rinky dink, Stinky

Mr Chips - Weem, Monkey Boy, Demon

Charley Mouse - Charles, Mouse, Emmy, Em, Emily Wemily :oops: , She Devil


what goes on in my head is "Ooops, word censored!"odys business :lol:


Best of it is they all seem to know all their names even though alot don't even sound the same :lol:

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I've never done it with the chooks. But I do with the cats.


Scribble and Honey are dibble and bunny, scrib dibs and funny or dribble and runny (the last one was courtesy of my friend Alan who is no longer with us).

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the chickens don't get nicknames but some of the neighbours do :D


the bloke who lives opposite is known as "lord of all he surveys". He has the largest house on the close and we often see him, with cup of tea/coffee in hand, walking around the boundary of his house with a smug look on his face.

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Collectively I call the chickens 'laydees' DH calls them 'your chickens' as in 'your chickens have dug up my rhubarb' :roll:

Late cat Oscar aka Evil Oscar or The Card Table

Sasha the dog aka Sashie

Eldest son Lewis always called Lou Lou (he hates it in front of his mates) :)

Youngest son Mark aka Spark, Marky Mark.

My grandson calls me My Tetta :)



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Eldest son Lewis always called Lou Lou (he hates it in front of his mates) :)


just a bit of trivia for you. After reading 'A Fistful of Gitanes' I discovered Serge Gainsbourg's nickname was 'Lulu' (his real name was Lucien Ginzburg) so your son is in good company ;)


A lot of postwar Jews changed their names to 'fit in'. Gene Simmons' (of Kiss) real name is 'chaim witz'!


I read a lot of biogs (very nosey ;) )


sorry for going off at a tangent!!!??? :doh:

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You had to ask didnt you!?. :oops: .....here goes -


Ella = madam

Coco = we dont even call her Coco, she is called Mar, Maran or cuckoo Maran

Star = gets to be called Star!

Misty = Misty Moo


Collectively they are called "The Wits" not chickens......"have you shut the wits in yet?" "have the wits had their tea?" :lol: This came from us first starting to call them chickie chocs, this then was turned into chocs and then they went to chocwits and now its just "Wits" !!! (totally bonkers I know :oops: )


Dog - real name Bracken......aka as Bee, Moo, Mee-Moo, Moggamoo, Mog, Minamog, Moomin, Munchkin. :lol::lol: she comes/answers to ALL these names and only gets called Bracken when she's been naughty and mummy and daddy have to tell her off!! :lol:

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We sometimes refer to our two Omlet hens as "the aunties". When we got the other two, about a month after the Omlet ones, the Omlet hens bustled around looking just like old fashioned aunties (and with their skirts tucked into their knickers).


And my husband sometimes calls Penny Darth Vader, because she used to loom menacingly (and blackly) over the little Frisian. :roll:



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