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Hen Hunted.... And Found!! Emu is dancing on air!!

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This has got to be the happiest day for Emu.

Our chookma has got in touch and has all the hennies in stock :o:o:o:o


Originally wanted a Buff Orpington but they only have the blue.

Could get them as early as next week - Xmas looks like its definitely coming to the Emu and Eglu household. :D:D:D

What do you all think? Will they get on?? Should I go for it?? :?::think::pray:(Bluebelle) ? BLUE ORPIE?

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what exciting news!! :D


Orpingtons are gorgeous, go for it! (they get huge though!).


We have a cuckoo maran....she's completely bonkers, very funny, and friendly (she was in the kitchen tonight eating the dogs food :roll: ) and reliable layer.


Wonder when you will get them???......bet you cant wait. :D

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My girlies are coming next Wednesday 12th December(Memorable date)

Cant wait- who knows if they settle down could be laying by christmas.

ooh a xmas chooky egg gift really would be rather nice.


Thank you all for your special good wishes


I am sure our first chookmas will be very special. :D:D:D [/url]

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Thanks for all your good wishes- bit nervous but happy- glad all the wet weather has gone at least.

Saw someone else's free range girlies ferreting about on the grass so felt reassured that it wasnt too cold for them to venture outside.

We will probably let them settle in the run and let things take their course gradually.

Barton Grange is a bit of a let down until maybe next year when i guess the new brock location is up and running.

Have any of you been to Bents in Warrington? Now that is a place worth checking out - not much to look at from the outside but absolutely delightful inside-fab themed decor all year round with food to die for in the restaurant bit-cannot recommend enough-AND you can use the back roads to get to Gemini M&S and Ikea(85p shower curtains et al!) :lol::lol:

Shall post pics soon

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